How to Celebrate Mother’s Day – by Robyn Fago

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I feel Mother’s Day should be celebrated with people that love each other. In some cases like one of my dear friends, she had lost her mother many years ago. My heart goes out to her. Happy Mother’s Day – she now has a beautiful son. That is a great Mother’s Day!

Well, my mother is a wonderful woman, as my mother-in-law is, too. And I am a mom now, too. The feelings I get when I watch my mother spending time with my son are just so warm and delightful. My son is the best thing in the world. I feel that Mother’s Day should be spent and celebrated with people who bring you up, and give you strength, hope, advice, love, sincerity – the people that give you life.

Spend time with someone who is your mother, someone like your mother or someone who is just motherly. A mother is someone who has so much responsibility and patience. A mother should be rewarded with endless smiles and love from their great grandchildren, their grandchildren, children, and they should be honored for the love and strength they have provided us every day in so many ways.

So whether it is your mom, my mom, or anyone’s mom, spend time just being thankful for who created you and what you created; a beautiful family. As long as you keep the love in your heart. No matter what you decide to do on Mother’s Day, the most important thing is that you are good to yourself and to others. Take a fresh breath of air, smile, and give yourself credit – and honor yourself cause it is your Mother’s Day, too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

P. S.
Mother’s Day is also a great time to stay home and eat hamburgers and hot dogs!

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