Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Nail Colors and Trends Unveiled

Trina Turk models wore coral toenail polish.For the Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week, the nail company Dashing Diva styled the nails of more than 30 shows backstage. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York saw hot nail shades like gunmetal gray and burgundy, among others. The Dashing Diva nail designs showed up at Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, Nicholas K., Trina Turk, Tory Burch, and others.

If you are wondering what to expect for Spring 2011 hot nail colors and trends, you can catch a glimpse of what the future holds for manicures and pedicures from the recent New York Fashion Week this fall. Check out the latest and greatest in nail polish colors and styles!

Spring 2011 Nail Color from Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
Model Giselle gets her nails done for Spring 2011 NY Fashion Week.If you caught any of this show, you’d see how light and dainty still rivals bold and sultry in the nail color palette. Pure at Heart and the Fifties Flair inspired models wore a sheer pink color – Fashion Week – by Dashing Diva, while the Rock Chic inspired models showed off the new Fall 2010 gun metal metallic polish shade of Penthouse Views. A stunning dark burgundy nail shade known as Dark PR gave the Jazz-Age Cool inspired models a dramatic manicure.

Concrete Playground is a popular nail color from this year's NYFW.Spring 2011 Nail Color for Nicholas K.
Earthy nail colors made a great showing for Nicholas K, whose models wore nail polish in an array of khaki brown, cool mint green, heather gray (Concrete Playground), a grey/brown mix (Astor Place), and  a light creamy beige (Tibi Couture).

Trina Turk models wore coral toenail polish.Trina Turk Nail Polish Choices for Spring 2010
Timeless white nail polish continues to grace the runways. Trina Turk’s Palm Spring Eternal presentation on September 9 featured “The Met,” which is a chic white nail polish worn by models in the beach and backgammon scenes. At the bar, party, and bedroom scenes, models sported bright coral polish “Miranda’s Law” on their toes.

Gold Foil Nails for Cushnie et Ochs
At the Eyebeam Studio, models’ nails shined gorgeously as if dipped in gold. To really accentuate the flowing nature of the clothing, models’ nails were first painted with a basic clear base coat and then received a gold foil application onto the nails for a shiny and glamorous effect.

Cushnie et Ochs models wore gold foil nails.Farah Angsana models wore silver metallic polish.

Ashleigh Verrier chose mint green polish.Silver Metallic Nails for Farah Angsana
Models for Farah Angsana wore silver metallic “No More Alimony” nail polish painted by Pattie Yankee and her team. Reality star Alex McCord from The Real Housewives of New York was attended this show and reportedly raved about this particular nail polish color.

Refreshing Spring Nail Colors at the Ashleigh Verrier Show
To accent the mono-chromatic collection by Ashleigh Verrier, models wore a refreshing blend of a pastel mix using “Pier 39” cool minty pastel green nail polish and just a touch of white polish to lighten the color.

Sheer and Nude Nails at LORICK
The natural look is still in, both now and slated for Spring 2011. The Dashing Diva team prepared models with two coats of sheer nude “Socialite” nail polish for a clean finish at the Tela Design Studio on September 10.

From Feminine Nails to Fierce and Free for Spring at the Yoana Baraschi Show
Models at the Yoana Baraschi presentation on September 11 at Lincoln Center wore “East River View” for a feminine manicured look.  Pedicures proclaimed Yoana’s vision of a fierce and free-spirited woman with nails done in “Bittersweet,” which is a deep chocolate brown, and “New York Slice,” which is a bright coral pink.

Jose Duran models wore manicures and pedicures - males and females!Manicures and Pedicures for Men and Women at Jose Duran
At the Time Warner Center on September 11, Jose Duran’s female models wore press-on nails at the show, featuring “The Met,” a white nail polish, as a base and “Limo Service,” a black polish, to create a Chevron French.  Male models also received a similar manicure as well as pedicures to mimic the androgynous tone.

Shimmering Metallic Nails for Trias
Models at the Joaquín Trías’ show “Seized Movement” showed off a shimmering gunmetal metallic shade, “No More Alimony,” on their nails at the Lincoln Center on September 12.

Girly Nails at Erin Fetherston
To follow the Birds of Paradise inspiration, the nail team applied “Chelsea in the Buff” to models’ fingernails and toenails on September 12 at Milk Studios.

Pink for Magic and Moonlight at the Jenny Packham Show
Pretty pink nails are always in style, especially with UK designer Jenny Packham and the presentation theme of debutant balls and magic moonlight parties of youth. Models wore a soft pretty pink nail color named Debutante when showing off the Spring 2011 collection.

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