Mother of the Bride Speech Tips for the Wedding

Try these tips if you plan to give a mother of the bride speech at the wedding.A mother of the bride speech is probably the last thing on your mind if your daughter is getting married. There’s so much to plan and so much to do, so many decisions and payments to make. Finalizing every detail becomes challenging to say the least. While the mother of the bride wedding speech may not be on the top of your list of mother of the bride duties, don’t let it fall off your radar completely! If you want to say a few special words to your daughter’s wedding guests, by all means prepare a sentimental mother of the bride speech to share with those you love.

If you would like to give a speech as the mother of the bride, consider these tips to help you put together the perfect words to share at your daughter and son-in-law’s wedding.

•    Speak from the heart. Think of fond memories, heartfelt sentiments, and all the warm fuzzies you would like to share with the wedding guests.

•    Recognize those at the wedding who deserve special thanks – grandparents, your daughter’s new in-laws, the bridal party, etc.

•    Write down your mother of the bride wedding speech and practice it before the big day.

•    Don’t be nervous as you prepare to give your mom of the bride speech. You are with family and friends, and everyone is interested to hear what you have to say!

•    If you are shy, consider giving a mother of the bride toast instead of a full speech. Your toast can be as short and sweet as you like. Cheers!

•    If you are too nervous to speak, you can have your husband do a father of the bride speech instead! Simply stand by him to show all the wedding guests your support and let him do the talking. You can even write the wedding speech together as thoughts from the parents of the bride if you like.

As long as you take some time and put a little thought and heart into your mother of the bride speech you should have a great experience in sharing your sentiments. A mother of the bride wedding speech is not a fixed requirement for today’s weddings, but it is a nice touch if you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts.

If you don’t want to give a speech, no worries – the best man speech and maid of honor speech are always classic elements of the wedding reception. Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable (or have more time) at the rehearsal dinner. You can give a nice mother of the bride toast or speech the night before the wedding if you prefer. No matter what you decide, be sure to relax and enjoy the special day!


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