Marcelled Hair Style Instructions

Marcelled Hair Style Instructions from Michael Dueñas...The Marcelled hair style is a popular hairstyle of the 1920’s and 1930’s that features unique waves and styling. Marcel Waves are a deep waved hairstyle reminiscent of American actress and bombshell Jean Harlow, though today’s celebrities like Elizabeth Banks, Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, and Kate Bosworth rock the Marcelled hair style today as well.

The Marcel Wave is comprised of deep, regular waves created by a heated curling iron. Marcelling is a hair style technique that you can do at home if you like. Michael Dueñas, founder of Hair Room Service (a Manhattan agency that brings the salon experience directly to clients), recommends the Marcelled hair style for mother of the bride, mother of the groom, and others wishing to achieve an elegant hairdo without wearing an up-do.

Marcel Wave Hair Style Instructions from Michael Dueñas...“This style is very glamorous,” Dueñas says. “It gives you the feeling of old Hollywood glamour, which many women strive for.  It also can dress any outfit up, without the need of you having to put your hair up!”

How To: Marcelled Hair Style
To achieve the Marcelled Wave hair style, follow these steps from Michael Dueñas:

1.    First blow dry hair smooth with OSIS mousse or a holding lotion of your choice.
2.    Using a 1-inch to 1.5-inch curling iron, create the set. Note: “Each section you curl should be the size, no bigger, than 1.5-inch squares.”

Tip: Try a marcelling iron for great results. You can find Marcel curling irons with a 1″ barrel, 3/8″ barrel, or 5/8″ barrel, to name a few. These instructions call for a 1″ to 1.5″ iron.

3.    Curl each curl in the same direction and pin the curls up with bobby pins.
4.    Allow the hair to cool down. Once cool, take down all the curls.
5.    Brush your hair in the direction you desire for your Marcelled waves. Your hair will fall together.
6.    If the curls are too tight, spray your brush with hairspray and brush just enough to loosen the curls.

“All hair styles take a beating during the day,” Dueñas says. “The best thing about the Marcel Wave is that when the curls loosen throughout the night, you can rake your fingers through it and create a beachy look. So it can be very versatile.”

The Marcelled hair style can be a perfect ‘do for your upcoming special event, wedding, or date night. Practice the style once or twice to get the hang of Marcelling your hair. If you need assistance, consider visiting your hairstylist to get a professional Marcel Wave style done.

Marcelled Hair Style Instructions from Michael Dueñas...“I think the women in cocktail dresses look the best with it; it seems to fit that look perfectly,” Dueñas shares. “A cocktail dress is very chic and fun, just like the hairstyle. When my clients want full sexy hair and have an event to attend, this is my go to hair!”

About the Expert:
Michael Dueñas is the founder of Hair Room Service, an exclusive agency based in Manhattan that conveniently brings the salon experience directly to clients in their hotel rooms, homes, or place of business. For more information, please visit


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