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Creative Centerpieces for Parties

No matter what your budget, you can find or make perfect creative centerpieces for parties of all kinds. Some popular creative centerpiece ideas include flowers, candles, and fancy crystal or glassware, but you can spruce up your party décor with a variety of other special items. If you are looking for a fun and creative centerpiece for your upcoming party, consider these suggestions for a few unique ideas you can try.

Creative centerpieces for parties can range from floral centerpieces to edible centerpieces to decorative items for the home. You can even make up your own centerpiece ideas depending on the type of party you are having. Consider these ideas to help you find the best creative centerpieces for parties that you plan to host this year.

Creative Centerpieces for Birthday Parties
The easiest kind of party centerpiece to plan might be birthday parties. The beauty of a birthday party centerpiece is it can be anything you want it to be. When planning the birthday centerpieces, keep in mind the guest of honor. A child’s birthday party calls for an entirely different centerpiece than an adult’s birthday party and a teenager’s birthday party is a whole other story too.

Consider these creative centerpieces for birthday parties:

Birthday Party Centerpieces for Kids
If you are planning a birthday party for your child, no matter if it is a first birthday or an eighth birthday or a thirteenth birthday, keep your kid’s favorite colors and favorite things in mind first and foremost. You can plan a centerpiece that matches the theme of the celebration or you can do something special outside of the party theme. Here are a few ideas for creative centerpieces for birthday parties:

•    Balloons tied to a stuffed animal or weighted decoration
•    Sand art displays that your child helps to make
•    A different jar, bowl, or vase of candy for every table
•    Cakes or cupcakes on a pretty platter or tiered display
•    Cutouts or collages of your child’s favorite characters

Creative Birthday Party Centerpieces for Teens
Teens may like some of the centerpiece ideas for kids and adults, but you can also come up with your own special creative centerpieces for your teen’s birthday party. Consider a lollypop tree, floral arrangements of favorite flowers or favorite colors, and edible centerpieces for the ultimate fun. You can put a different snack or candy on each table. If you still need additional ideas for the centerpieces, check out Google images for a wide array of creative centerpiece choices.

Birthday Centerpieces for Adults
If you are planning a birthday party for a grownup, consider the person’s hobbies and favorite things. You should also consider the event’s theme so you can choose a creative centerpiece for the party that goes along with the rest of the décor, food, music, and so forth. Here are a few suggestions for adult birthday party centerpieces:

•    Floral arrangement in the guest of honor’s favorite color
•    Carved fruit arrangements (carved watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe)
•    Lit candle centerpieces
•    Potted plants
•    Large vases of fresh citrus fruits – oranges, lemons, limes, and tangerines
•    Floating flowers or floating candles in glass bowls
•    Bottle of wine or liquor

Creative Centerpieces for Anniversary Parties
Anniversary celebrations definitely call for creative centerpieces. Usually an anniversary party will have a more formal theme, much like a wedding reception. Whether you are one of the spouses or the child of the guests of honor, you can choose gorgeous, elegant centerpieces for the anniversary party. Consider these suggestions for creative centerpieces for anniversary parties:

•    Place a few vibrantly colored, showy blooms in square, rectangular, or angled vases.
•    Set up a few tiers of ivory colored candles with strings of pearls wound around the bases.
•    Choose amazing floral arrangements reminiscent of the couple’s wedding flowers.
•    Opt for candles with ivy and bubble bowls, a common wedding centerpiece.

Creative Centerpieces for Halloween Parties
Halloween is a fun time to throw a party no matter what your age. Costume parties make for a great Halloween party theme for kids and adults alike. For a successful and memorable Halloween party, consider your food options, decorations, costumes, and of course centerpieces. Here are a few suggestions for creative centerpieces for Halloween parties:

•    Find cool Halloween electronics and decorations for centerpieces, like a skull, witch, or other Halloween creature.
•    Make a jack-o-lantern or paint a pumpkin for each table that needs a creative Halloween centerpiece.
•    Place interesting bowls and displays of candy out for creative Halloween party centerpieces.
•    Make colorful Halloween cupcakes of witches, vampires, pumpkins, bats, black cats, and other symbols and set them nicely on tiers or platters.
•    Set out a display of gourds and mini pumpkins on each of the tables.

Creative Centerpieces for Parties of Any Kind
If you are planning another kind of party and need a creative centerpiece idea, consider centerpieces you can make yourself using recycled materials. You can make cool floral centerpieces out of unique glassware that you would otherwise recycle. You can also make paper mache style centerpieces in any design or style that you like. One more idea for recycled centerpieces is to find unique items at yard sales and flea markets and turn them into something beautiful. A few examples are old vases and ceramics, beer steins, or watering cans with flowers. Try to think of a few other ideas for recycled centerpieces and share them in our comments below!

In addition to creative recycled centerpieces for parties, you might consider ordering or creating your own edible centerpieces. You can choose fruit arrangements with picks and skewers for a festive look any time of year. You can also create your own edible centerpieces like dessert trees, sandwich stands, and candy dishes. One other gorgeous option is to carve large kinds of fruit and fill them with fruit salad. Anything with chocolate – even a chocolate fountain – could make an excellent party centerpiece! Please share any other ideas you have for creative centerpieces for parties below in our comments. Best wishes!

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  • I found a neat table scape idea. I found some bushes that had limbs that were turning brown and I gathered them and spray painted them the colors of the party and it was a big hit.