Cool Running – Fall Must-Haves for Runners and Great Running Gear and Gifts for Active Lifestyles

Consider these fall must-have products for runners!While the last few weeks of summer wind down, many runners are looking forward to the perfect fall running weather. No more scorching summer sun, no more heat waves, and certainly no more arguing back and forth with yourself on whether it is too hot to run outside today. The autumn lends itself to the perfect workout weather, from participating in fall sports like cross country to competing in road races with your friends and family to running for fun or just to stay in shape. Whatever the case, picking out some new running gear is a great way to keep up your motivation and to inspire you to work harder at your fitness goals.

No matter if you are the amateur runner or the competitive athlete, consider these very cool high performance fall must-haves for runners.

Cool Running Clothes from New Balance –
Women’s Bonita Running Skirt 3.0, Women’s NBx Welded Tank, and NBX Welded Capri Tights

New Balance Bonita Run Skirt for RunnersSo I have found my new favorite running outfit for the spring, summer, and early fall, and it is in the form of a hot pink welded tank top and black and pink running skirt by New Balance. If you are new to the running skirt, you may be pleasantly surprised. This is a running accessory I’ve wanted to try for a long time but held out because, well, how do you run in a skirt? New Balance kindly sent me three garments designed especially for female runners, and the Bonita running skirt may be my favorite of all.

You might not expect running in a skirt to be comfortable, but it is! You see, the New Balance Women’s Bonita running skirt has built in shorts underneath that fit closely around your upper thighs for support and coverage. The skirt itself allows full and comfortable motion but doesn’t do the whole flapping in the wind thing you might expect. You are fully covered, but the skirt still looks like a skirt. My husband liked the outfit for tennis, but it is perfect for running, at least in my humble opinion.

The Bonita skirt is available in black with fuchsia, blue, or white accents, or you can get an entirely white skirt. The skirt features a music-friendly pocket on right leg, seamless brief, and moisture-wicking fabric for ultimate comfort. You can get the Bonita Skirt 3.0 for $49.99 and it is worth every cent. For more information or to purchase, see check out the listing for the Bonita Skirt on the New Balance Web site or check out some options on

New Balance Welded Tank for RunnersAs for the Women’s NBx Welded Tank, New Balance truly outdid themselves with this cool top. The hot pink welded tank is bright pink with black trim and sleeve accents. Since it’s a performance top, the tank features a contoured, streamlined fit that still gives the ultimate range of movement. The top looks great with the black and pink Bonita skirt and fits very comfortably, even if you are still working on that last inch or two around your waistline. The welded tank fits closely but not too closely, and has moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and comfortable as you run or work out. The Women’s NBx Welded Tank also has built-in reflective material so you don’t have to worry as much if your run goes a little longer into the evening than you were expecting. This top retails for $49.99 and is available in pink or black. For additional details or to purchase, please see the listing on the New Balance site.

Both garments were impressively comfortable and easy to wash and maintain. I didn’t get to try out the running tights on the road yet, but I did try them on and they are very comfortable and sleek. We’ve been having one heat wave here after another so I’m excited to save these running tights for the first cool fall day we get. The running tights are black with hot pink accents and reflective material for safety precautions.

New Balance Welded Capri for RunnersWhen it gets just a little too cool for shorts or the running skirt, the NBx Welded Capri runner tights will be perfect for trails and roads ahead. This Capri tight features welded side seams for extra stability and anti-chaffing. The fabric is moisture-wicking and features the ever important reflective accents for safety when running. The tights feature convenient media pockets and a flattering fit for your figure. The NBx Capri tights are available in black with pink or slight white trim accents. Perhaps ahead of its time, these pants also feature X-Static® fibers, which are bonded to genuine silver for advanced odor reduction.

The NBx Welded Capri is available for $59.99. For more information or to order, see the listing for the Welded Capri on the New Balance site.

These running clothes are built for performance and they really are motivating to wear. I feel like the style of high quality running clothes can make you feel stronger in your workouts. Look good, feel good – working out should be fun, after all!

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