gender neutral baby shower themes

Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Neutral baby shower themes can be well suited for girls or boys, but especially when the sex of the baby is not known. When the expecting parents decide to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, it can be challenging to find the perfect baby shower theme. Still, it is possible to come up with a wide variety of adorable neutral baby shower themes for the special occasion.

If you need to plan a baby shower with a neutral theme or color scheme, you might need to put a little more time and creativity into your plans. While many of the baby shower party supplies are already designated pink or blue, you should be able to find a nice selection of neutral baby shower party supplies as well. Search for baby shower decorations and supplies in your favorite party stores and continue your search online if needed.

As you prepare to host a special baby shower for an expecting friend, sister, or cousin, consider these suggestions for neutral baby shower themes.

Neutral Baby Shower Colors
Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Choosing colors for a baby shower can be tricky when you don’t know whether the baby on the way is a boy or a girl. For neutral baby shower themes, the first element to consider would be neutral baby shower colors. You can get creative with your neutral baby shower color choices, but sometimes pastels make a great starting point. Consider these neutral baby shower color schemes:

•    All Pastels – Use all pastel colors of the rainbow.

•    Green and Yellow – These are classic colors for surprise gender babies. For a fun variation, try turquoise or aqua and yellow.

•    Blue, Pink, and White – If you don’t know the right color, use both!

•    Pastel Purple, Green, and Yellow – Instead of Mardi Gras, you can welcome the new baby with these light and fun colors.

•    Orange and Yellow – For a fun and sunny neutral baby shower, use these cheery colors or lighter pastel versions of peach and yellow.

If you still aren’t sure about what to choose for a neutral color scheme, start thinking about neutral baby shower themes and see if anything strikes you as the right choice.

Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Consider these neutral baby shower themes...Neutral baby shower themes can be a lot of fun to think up and put into action. You don’t have to stay between the lines of pink and blue. You can let your imagination do all the work and come up with a perfect neutral theme for the special baby shower. Consider these suggestions for neutral baby shower themes.

•    Character Themes – Consider themes with Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, the Jungle Book, and other popular kids’ movies and cartoons.

•    Jungle Theme – Animals are a wide interest loved by many, so it’s hard to go wrong with a jungle baby shower theme. The colors will be bright and pretty, so you can really appeal to the neutral baby theme.

•    Teddy Bear Theme – Teddy bears appeal to so many kids that this is a natural theme to consider for a baby shower when the baby’s gender is unknown.

•    Baby Theme – Find cute baby shower decorations with diaper pins, rattles, baby blocks, and other baby symbols.

•    Rubber Ducky Theme – You can make an adorable neutral baby shower with a yellow and white rubber ducky theme. Don’t forget balloons!

Consider these neutral baby shower themes...These are just a few suggestions for neutral baby shower themes and colors. You can come up with additional neutral shower themes to consider. If you do think of some good options, please share them in our comments so all of our readers can take advantage of more ideas on neutral showers.


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