Continental Breakfast Buffet Ideas

Tips for a continental breakfast buffet at home.If you are having guests overnight or inviting people over for breakfast or brunch, some continental breakfast buffet ideas might come in handy in your planning. Typically, continental breakfast includes coffee, milk, hot chocolate, and a variety of juices, as well as pastries like croissants and Danish, also bagels, and sometimes yogurt and cereal. Many times fruit is also available. If you would like to create your own breakfast at home, consider these continental breakfast buffet ideas.

Before you invite guests to your home for continental breakfast, be sure you’ve done your supermarket shopping. Make a list of all the groceries and ingredients you will need. You can also think about setting up food stations and decorative platters and pitchers for your continental breakfast spread.

Continental Breakfast Buffet Ideas for Beverages
Tips for a continental breakfast buffet at home.Most continental breakfasts include coffee, milk, hot chocolate, fruit juices, and water, but you can plan your continental breakfast buffet any way that you like. If you are planning a breakfast buffet for adults or mainly adults, consider breakfast beverages like Mimosas and Bloody Marys. Consider these continental breakfast buffet drink ideas:

•    Coffee
•    Tea
•    Hot Chocolate
•    Water
•    Milk
•    Apple Juice
•    Orange Juice
•    Grapefruit Juice
•    Cranberry Juice
•    Pineapple Juice
•    Mimosas (Orange Juice and Champagne)
•    Bloody Marys (Vodka, tomato juice or V8, and spices)

Continental Breakfast Buffet Ideas for Food
Tips for a continental breakfast buffet at home.As you plan your continental breakfast buffet at home, be sure your menu accommodates any dietary needs or restrictions of your guests. Breakfast usually is pretty accommodating for most people, but keep in mind food allergies to gluten and dairy as well as vegan lifestyles. Here are a few food suggestions for your continental breakfast buffet at home:

•    A variety of cereals
•    Fruit Danish pastries
•    Cinnamon rolls
•    Bagels with cream cheese or butter
•    English muffins
•    Croissants
•    Granola
•    Yogurt
•    Fruit platter

Grand Scale Breakfast Buffet Ideas
If you are interested in providing more of a hearty spread for your breakfast guests, consider expanding your continental breakfast buffet with these ideas:

Tips for a continental breakfast buffet at home.•    Breakfast meats like bacon, ham, sausage, pork roll, and Canadian bacon
•    Eggs – scrambled eggs might be easiest to make and keep warm. You can do omelets made-to-order if you really want.
•    Waffles, French toast, or pancakes
•    Breakfast potatoes

Once you have your continental breakfast buffet ideas figured out, be sure to buy your ingredients and invite your guests. Don’t forget jellies, jams, butter, cream cheese, and other spreads and condiments!

Do you have any other suggestions? Leave us a comment if you can think of more food or drink ideas for a continental breakfast buffet.


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