Make Cleavage without a Bra

Make cleavage without braCertain shirts are designed well to allow you to make cleavage without a bra. You can wear backless, strapless shirts where your normal bra straps would look out of place as long as you are prepared to keep your chest in check. Other times you may not be so lucky with the design of the shirt doing all the work for your cleavage. Consider these suggestions for how to make cleavage without a bra.

Getting a great silhouette can be achieved with the right fashions and the right fashion accessories. Different people will have different comfort levels with how much breast cleavage they reveal, but once they find the right balance, their new appearance can be a knockout. If you need to give your cleavage a boost without a bra, consider these tips to get great lift!

1.    Try Bare Lifts. These cool stick-on breast lifts give your boobs lift, allowing you to make cleavage without a bra. You simply trim the Bare Lifts if needed and then stick them onto your breasts above the nipple as indicated. Lift the sticky film to your desired height and apply firmly to your skin. Put on your shirt and enjoy having great cleavage without having to wear Make cleavage without braa bra. I had a chance to review Bare Lifts and found them comfortable enough to wear, and functional. For more information, see You can also buy Bare Lifts on

2.    Try an Adhesive Bra. You can still wear your favorite backless, strapless fashions without having to worry about a traditional bra. Instead you can get great cleavage with an adhesive bra like the Braza Bra for strapless support. For more information, see You can also order adhesive bras from Braza and other companies at

3.    Consider the My Beautiful Breasts Kit. The My Beautiful Breasts kit was designed by Jamie Kern Lima, CEO and Creator of It Cosmetics. The kit is meant to create body illusions and enhance the chest, especially for breast cancer patients and survivors and those seeking an enhanced look of more cleavage without a bra. The My Beautiful Breasts kit helps to create illusions of larger or lifted breasts with makeup. For more information, see You can order the My Beautiful Breasts Kit on for $55.20 with free shipping.

You can show off as much or as little breast cleavage as you like, but these tips and breast cleavage enhancement products will help you to boost up your shape without having to wear a bra all the time. These products may have different results on an individual basis. Consider these suggestions for how you can make better cleavage without a bra, or share your own ideas in our comments below.


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