Toenail Art Designs

Try these cute toenail art designs at home.Painting nail art designs is not a new form of art, but sometimes painting toenail art designs isn’t as common as painting nail art on fingernails. You can get some beautiful and even wild style pedicures by painting some creative toenail art designs. If you can paint your nails a solid color, even if you are a beginner, you should be able to create some pretty and basic toenail art designs.

First gather your favorite nail polish supplies so you are ready to create your toenail art designs. Don’t forget to put down some newspaper or paper towels to protect your table, desk, or countertop. Then consider these tips for creating your own toenail art designs at home.

How to Create Toenail Art Designs at Home
When it comes to toe art designs, use your imagination to come up with a few ideas for styles of nail art you would like to create on your toes. You can do something as simple as a diagonal line nail art design or something as complex as a tiny symbol, design, or scene on your big toe. Consider these steps to create your own toenail art designs.

1.    Perform an at-home pedicure to soften your feet and prepare them for your nail art designs, if you wish.

2.    Once you dry your feet after preparing them for the nail art, paint two coats of your desired background color on all your toenails.

3.    Once the nail color on your toes is dry, it’s time to paint your toenail art design of choice. Consider these ideas and proceed with steps as needed:

•    Diagonal Line Toe Art Designs – To create this style of toenail art, pick one color that works nicely with your background color. Decide if you would like to paint the diagonal line on all your toes, just the big toenail, or what. Starting at one upper corner of the nail, paint a thin diagonal line across the nail surface toward the opposite bottom corner at the tip of the nail.

Try these cute toenail art designs at home.•    Starburst Toe Nail Art – For a fun and festive toenail art design, consider the starburst style of nail art. You can create this nail design by painting a few slightly curved lines (or straight lines if easier) coming outward across the nail. Use a different color to paint more lines in between the existing lines. Use two or three colors to create a starburst design that you love.

•    Flower Toenail Art Designs – You can create a lovely flower on your toenails using these easy tips. First paint a yellow dot in the center of the nail. Then, using your preferred petal color of nail polish, paint lines coming out from the yellow dot. You can make the lines thicker for large petals or thinner for skinny petals, depending on the types of flowers you like best. You can also paint ovals instead of lines if you are comfortable with that technique.

4.    Once the toenail art designs are dry, paint a clear topcoat to all your nails to preserve and protect your pedicure nail art.

These are three styles of toenail art for you to try at home. You can also find plenty of other nail art designs for your toes, like star nails and French pedicures to name a few. If you have other styles of beautiful toenail art to share, please leave us a comment or send us an email.


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