Halloween Nail Art Designs

Ghost Nail Art Designs by Jennifer M. MarimonHalloween is a fun time of year for costumes and candy, but don’t forget to try some Halloween nail art designs! You can paint your own Halloween nail art designs at home to match your costume or as a fun manicure or pedicure for the season. Even if you are not experienced at doing your own nail art, you can still create really cool Halloween nail art with these simple tips.

Before you create your own DIY Halloween nail art designs, consider what colors of nail polish you would like to use and make sure you have them handy. Another tip to consider before you get started – try to come up with the style of Halloween nail art you would like to create. Consider painting tiny Halloween nail art designs or painting nail art that takes up an entire nail. Once you have a good idea of how you want your nails to look, get started on painting your nails.

Halloween Nail Art Design #1: Candy Corn Nail Designs
Candy corn nail art is a very festive way to show your appreciation for Halloween. To create your own candy corn nails, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish.
2.    Once dry, paint the bottom two-thirds of your nail (middle of nail and nail tip) with yellow nail polish. Allow to dry completely.
3.    Paint just the tip of your nail with orange nail polish.
4.    Once all nails are dry, paint them with a clear topcoat to make your candy corn manicure last longer.

Halloween Nail Art Design #2: Pumpkin Nails / Jack-o-lantern Nail Art
Pumpkins are a classic symbol of Halloween and the fall season in general. To create your own pumpkin nail art, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of orange nail polish.
2.    Once dry, paint a small green spot at the top of your nail (by your skin). This will be the pumpkin’s stem.
3.    Using black or dark brown nail polish, paint two triangles for eyes just a bit below the stem. If you can’t seem to get the triangles perfectly, just make two dots for the eyes.
4.    Paint a triangle nose the same way you painted the jack-o-lantern’s eyes.
5.    Paint a creative mouth using a zigzag pattern or any other style you can accomplish in the small space.
6.    Once you are done with the jack-o-lantern’s face, allow the nail designs to dry completely.
7.    Apply a clear topcoat to protect your Halloween nail art designs.

Halloween Nail Art Design #3: Ghost Nails
Ghost Nail Art Designs by Jennifer M. MarimonGhosts are another popular symbol of Halloween. You can create your own ghost nail art designs with these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish.
2.    Once the white nails are dry, use black nail polish to paint two dots for eyes.
3.    Paint an open circle or letter “O” for the mouth slightly below the eyes.
4.    Once the nail designs are dry, paint a clear topcoat to preserve and protect your nails.

Second Variation of Ghost Nail Art Designs:
For a more detailed ghost nail design, follow these steps:

1.    Paint your nails with two coats of any dark colored background.
2.    Using white nail polish, paint an upside-down letter “U” to create the top of the ghost.
3.    Fill in the “U” with white nail polish.
4.    Create a bottom for the ghost. You can make a straight line across or make a bit of a curve or a twist depending on how you want your ghost to look.
5.    Give your ghost two dots for eyes.
6.    Paint an open circle or small letter “O” for a mouth.
7.    When all parts of these Halloween nail art designs are dry, paint a clear topcoat to protect your nail art.

Tip: For really cool ghost nail art designs, try glow-in-the-dark nail polish!

These are just a few Halloween nail art ideas you can try. You should also consider painting other fun and spooky nail designs for the season. Consider Halloween nail art ideas like bats, black cats, witches, witches’ hats, vampires, Halloween candy, Trick-or-Treat bags, tombstones, and a scary sky. If you have other ideas for spooky Halloween nail art designs, please feel free to share them in our comments!


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