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Halloween Party Ideas for Food, Decorations, and Games

When it comes to celebrating Halloween as an adult, Halloween parties are a fun and interesting way to enjoy the holiday. If you would like to plan a Halloween party, consider these tips for Halloween themed food, decorations, and games to delight your guests. Strongly consider making your Halloween party a costume party – this makes the event so much more dynamic, authentic, and memorable. Check out these Halloween party tips for an unforgettable celebration.

From food and candy to spooky decorations and festive music, you should take a couple days or at least a couple hours to get your plans in place. Make a grocery list, pick out your decorations, and put together a music mix of all the spooky music you can find. Consider these other suggestions to help you plan your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Food Ideas
You can pick festive Halloween food or just make a bunch of food that you and your guests enjoy. If you would like to make Halloween themed food, consider a few of these creative Halloween party food ideas:

•    Witch’s Brew – You can make a fun and festive witch’s brew as a soup or a punch drink. Be sure you have some kind of fun caldron for your witch’s brew!

•    Pumpkin Pie – How festive for Halloween! Don’t forget the pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, or pumpkin muffins, depending on your preference.

•    Halloween Cupcakes, Brownies, and Cookies – Part of the fun of making Halloween themed food is doing the decorating. Make cutout cookies shaped like bats, cats, pumpkins, coffins, or whatever fun cookie cutter shapes you have. Decorate your cupcakes and brownies with colored icing and make them into fun designs like headstones, witch’s hats, black cats, vampires, ghosts, and other fun but spooky Halloween designs.

•    Chips and Dip – You can make a fun yet spooky reference by giving names to your chips and dips. Be creative and be sure to leave out cards with the name of each dish. Give things names like “Mummy Brains” or something else a little spooky or grotesque.

•   Main Courses – As you plan your main courses, consider dishes that feed a crowd well, like baked ziti, meatballs, hoagies, chicken tenders, and pizza. You can make up creative names if you like or you can simply feed your guests like at a normal party.

•    Candy – What would a Halloween party be without candy! Be sure to set out a variety of treats for your guests and any trick-or-treaters that might come knocking.

Halloween Party Decorations for a Spooky Atmosphere
Part of the fun of a Halloween party is decorating the house with fun and festive Halloween decorations. You can put the cutouts or vinyl clings in the windows, hang black and orange streamers from the walls, set out your candy dishes and food platters, and dim the lights if you like. If you have electronic Halloween decorations or things that glow in the dark, consider making good use of those, too. Black lights can be a great mood enhancer for any Halloween party, and they work especially well with your glow-in-the-dark items. You can even set up your whole house like a haunted house if you like!

Consider these additional ideas for Halloween party decorations:

  • Painted pumpkins
  • Jack-o-lanterns
  • Indian corn
  • Gourds
  • Orange and black balloons

In addition to setting up your Halloween decorations, you should be sure to have a party soundtrack for your Halloween festivities. Consider adding fun songs like the Monster Mash, retro songs like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and classic scary movie songs like the Ghostbusters theme. Try to come up with at least 20 songs to fill a CD or create an iPod playlist. If you can keep going, add as many songs as you can!

Halloween Party Games
Most Halloween parties can be a lot of fun with traditional party games for adults, and especially common drinking games like beer pong and flip cup. You can also include games with cards and dice. You can also play any of a variety of board games. However, if you would prefer to plan your party with Halloween themed games, you might have to get a little creative.

For some fun Halloween games, you can try any of the following:
•    Bobbing for Apples
•    Contest for the Best Costume
•    Mummy Making (Wrap a guest in toilet paper as quickly as you can to be the first one done.)

You can also make up your own fun Halloween party games. If you know any other suggestions for Halloween party food, decorating tips, or party games, please share in the comments section for the benefit of all our readers!


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  • One of the food favorites around our house for both kids & adults are the "worms" that I cook for Halloween. Take hot dogs & slice them lengthwise (depending on the size of the dog, 6 - 8 from 1 hot dog). Drop the strips in boiling water & as they begin to cook, they curl and take on a "worm-like" appearance. Once you drain them, put them in a spooky bowl and drizzle with "blood" (ketchup). A guaranteed hit for any age!

  • Great ideas. I love Halloween. It my favorite time of year. Each year we have a big Halloween party. I found lots of party supplies from Party All Ready. I love crafty decorations that the kids can help with. This year the kids helped make orange honeycomb balls into pumpkins by adding black construction paper. They turned our really cute.