Younger Skin with Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid by Dr. Stanley Jacobs

Why should women use Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ revolutionary skin care product, Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid? Countless reasons come to mind including healthier-looking skin, softer skin, smoother skin, and the enhanced confidence that accompanies looking better and feeling better about the way that we look.

As women begin to age, we notice the telltale signs of skin that has spent too much time in the sun unprotected and suffered the loss of supple smoothness due to dehydration or not drinking enough water along with skin damage that occurs due to environmental contaminants. Once we realize our skin no longer looks as good as it once did, we begin to panic as we also realize that the time to care for our skin and prevent wrinkles and other skin damage from occurring is long past. Now we must contend with the problem of rejuvenating our skin to a silky supple shine that glows with health rather than depresses us with wrinkles.

One of the products that women can use to improve the look of their facial and neck skin is Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid that has been developed for use with all skin types. Dr. Stanley Jacobs is a renowned facial plastic surgeon who has developed a unique skin serum that is clinically proven to improve the condition of facial skin if used according to the package directions. His recipe is based on an ancient Egyptian recipe (sounds exciting already, doesn’t it?) that was used to soften skin at least 3,600 years ago.

Younger Skin for Women 40 and Older
While women of any age can use Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid to achieve younger-looking skin, this product is designed to transform tired-looking skin that has lost its elasticity, developed wrinkles, and started to show signs of age into younger-looking skin plump with healthy vitality. It is important to do more than wish our skin younger as we age. We need to care for our skin in much the same way as we care for our eyes, nails, body shape, and more.

Anti-aging products can be used to bring about the fulfillment of the dreams of older women to have younger looking skin once again. In fact, Dr. Stanley Jacobs’ Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid is designed to plump the skin, increase its elasticity, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck bringing the appearance of youthfulness back.

Visco-Elastic Transforming Serum™ with Mandelic Acid by Dr. Jacob Stanley
First, let me say that I love cute-looking products for women. Eye-appealing products snag my attention and make me want to use them. If they work when I do, it’s an added bonus. The serum is sold in an attractive cobalt-blue container with a gold-colored top. It has a really cute pump design that releases just enough of the serum for use each time. The scent is pleasant and subtle. The consistency is creamy, not oily. The serum glides onto the skin, softening and rejuvenating it back to a youthful appearance. While the results are not instantaneous, they do occur over time. This amazing blend of ingredients does as it promises as long as it is used according to its directions. It isn’t a miracle cure for tired-out skin, but it does minimize visible signs of skin damage.

Three important points to note. First, for the best results, this anti-aging skin product should be used twice a day. Second, discontinue use if you have any sign of allergic reactions. Third, while I did receive this product as a gift for the purposes of this review, I am happy with the results.

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