C.O. Bigelow Product Reviews – Lemon Hand Lotion, Mentha Lip Shine/Breath, Lemon Lip Balm

C.O. Bigelow Product ReviewsC.O. Bigelow was established in 1838; making them the oldest apothecary in America. (Apothecary = same as pharmacist/pharmacy) They’re located in New York City’s West Village. C.O. Bigelow sells everything from personal care and baby care to home fragrances and gifts as well as…the apothecary. I was given an opportunity to try three random products from C.O. Bigelow and I have to tell you, I am truly amazed. I had a wonderful time testing each one of them and will proudly recommend C.O. Bigelow to others.

If you like lemons, then consider trying any one of Bigelow’s Lemon hand lotions No. 1700; ARP: $12.00 (which I received), or Bigelow Lemon Hand wash, body creams, etc. It will make you smell like a fresh cut lemon with a hint of subtle sweetness (like candy). The lemony aroma will stay long after you’ve applied the lotion or used the hand wash and what’s more, the body lotion will leave your skin feeling so soft and silky, not oily or pasty. Plus, you don’t need much. As far as Bigelow’s Lemon Body Lotion is concerned, a little goes a long way.


I don’t think I can recall ever smelling anything like it; similar…maybe, but nothing exact. I am a citrusy type of gal. I like smelling oranges, tangerines, lemons, and limes. So, when I use a fragranced body lotion that smells of fresh cut lemons or sweet smelling oranges, I can’t help but go crazy!

I was also given the opportunity to try Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine/Breath #502; ARP: $7.50.
I actually use this quite often because of the breath freshening feature. The chilling mint sensation on my lips isn’t half bad either. It feels great!

C.O. Bigelow Product ReviewsEating salty foods and popcorn is a vice I have. I love eating things that cause my temperature to rise a few degrees and sadly, the saltier is always better. Unfortunately, this means chapped lips for me. I am forever using some sort of lip balm or lip shine just to keep the dryness and cracking to a minimum.

When I used the Mentha lip shine, I instantly felt that chilling relief on my lips. I loved it. The effects are instant and every time I use it, it feels like I just slipped a piece of chewing gum into my mouth. It’s very refreshing!

The only thing I didn’t quite like, but will deal with, is the fact that it’s a little thicker (in texture) compared to a lip balm, which is what I use most often. It’s creamier. But again, it’s not enough for me to say I’d never use it again. I love the smell, tingly feel, and taste of the Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine.

The final product I received was…a yummy, silky smooth, softening lemony lip balm (AKA: Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm No. 1421; ARP~$7.50). Now this is what made my heart skip a beat; it was scrumptiously tasty, totally soothing, and simply nourishing!

I cannot describe how nice this lip balm feels once it touches the lips. I love it so much. It was comparable to eating a piece of lemon candy. Sweet, lemony, and oh so tasty! The absolute favorite (in my book)! It’s definitely a recommended item, too. Especially if what you crave is sweet goodness on your lips.

Overall thoughts:
I think each one of these products deserves an A+ for satisfaction of use. The scents, textures, feels, and effects were top notch. I can’t think of a single reason why I shouldn’t recommend C.O. Bigelow products to anyone. I was 100% satisfied.

Each product deserves a five-star rating from me!

If you’d like to learn more about the products reviewed here today, or would like to see what else C.O. Bigelow has to offer, please visit www.bigelowchemists.com.

Disclosure: Product was provided for the purpose of my candid review. No monetary compensation was exchanged nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. All thoughts and/or opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. Thank you.

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