Funny Bone Readers: Learning Literacy Laughter

I am so overly thrilled to be sharing information with you about these books. They are definitely worthy of being looked at, and purchased for the young reader in your home. They are fun, colorfully energetic books that teach kids about caring, respect, fairness, trustworthiness, responsibility, and citizenship.

When I received a set of 12 books from Funny Bone Reader, I couldn’t help it, I was more than excited with what I saw. The covers were so bright and inviting. The pages were full of silly characters and big legible words (for even the new reader) and the pictures were all too comical. Even I couldn’t help but chuckle at a few.

The girls were instantly drawn to their favorite titles and from there, to the others. By the end of the day, Piper had already finished reading every one of the books and was starting at the top of the pile for the second time.  I was very impressed with the overall enthusiasm and eagerness they shared. It was priceless.

The most rewarding part about being a “review person,” as my daughters would call me, is that my girls enjoy taking part in the process of delivering a thoughtfully genuine testimonial.

When I asked my girls if they’d like to be “interviewed” on their thoughts for the Funny Bone Readers, they were both more than happy to oblige. So, without further ado, here are my daughters’ takes on their experience with the books. Enjoy!

Thoughts from a Seven Year Old:

Mom: What was your favorite Book from the Funny Bone Readers Collection?

Piper: Fun in the Mud

Mom: Why?

Piper: Because, at first, the pig was playing in the mud and wouldn’t let any of his friends play with him. At the end, he let them play with him and it was so nice.

Mom: What do you like about all the books?

Piper: That they’re all funny and I like Miss Moo from “Miss Moo Goes to the Beach” because she’s so funny and has tea with a shark. In “Fun in the Mud,” I like the pig because before he gets in the mud he’s all clean and shiny but when he jumps in the mud he gets all dirty and yucky.

Mom: Are the books easy for you (age 7) to read and understand?

Piper: Yes

Mom: Was there anything you didn’t like about the books?

Piper: Pretty much…NO!

Thoughts from a Nine Year Old:

Mom: What can you tell others about the books?

Patience: Most of them are funny. They have good messages, but some of them are just silly and fun to read.

Mom: What was your favorite book?

Patience: Squid and Pickles

Mom: Why?

Patience: Because on Squid and Pickles, this little alligator named Roy kept stealing food from an alligator named Helen. Helen and her friend needed to teach Roy a lesson about being nice so Helen and her friend gave Roy a sandwich with squid parts and pickle parts. They taught him that it’s not nice to steal and if you’re going to do it, you’re going to get hurt.

In the end, they taught him to be nice.

Mom: Which book did you think was the funniest and why?

Patience: Silly Tilly and the Royal Rules was a funny book because she didn’t like all the rules so she came up with a no-rule day just for her. She was looking for things you cannot do – to do them. She found a frog pond that has a bunch of stones around so that no one could get in and the frogs won’t get out. Well, she let the frogs out because a sign said not to. It was a good thing her brother was following her because he helped get all the frogs back in, but she still got in trouble and had consequences for doing it. It was a fun book.

Mom: What age group do you recommend these books to?

Patience: For sure~ age 5 to 9 and maybe a little older. I’m nine and I liked all of them. They’re funny and we have to take them to Grandma’s house.

Final Thoughts:
I have to agree with the girls. The books were fun to look over. I loved the questions provided at the end of each book. The girls would sit and read each book and when they were done, they asked me to read (out loud) the questions at the end.

I’ve had Funny Bone Readers for almost three weeks now and they are read daily. I have them on my coffee table because they are a huge hit right now. I think they will be for some time to come.

Product Description:
Every child knows that some things are right, and some things are wrong. But helping children develop good character is more challenging than teaching right from wrong. With Funny Bone Readers: Developing Character in your classroom or home, children will learn from funny stories and silly characters while making connections to their own actions.

For more information on these books, feel free to visit Red Chair Press.

Funny Bone Readers can be purchased as a complete set of 12 (1 each of all 12 titles) for $23.70.

Products provided free to writer for reviewDisclosure: I was provided with a complete set of 12 books for the purpose of my candid review. There was no monetary compensation exchange nor did receiving product influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Thank you.


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