Staying Fit and Toned with Banglz

Staying fit and keeping my body toned seems to be a never-ending challenge these days. In fact, I find myself reflecting on the phrase “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” more often than not when trying to decide whether or not it is worth the amount of exercise I will need to complete in order to offset the calories in a generous slice of triple-chocolate cake or gooey apple dumpling.


You are probably familiar with the routine of eating, exercising, dieting, eating, and exercising some more just to get back in shape or maybe not so much back in shape, but at least down to a weight that allows you to fit comfortably into your “fat” clothes. Let’s face it. We all have them. The clothes we wear when we are bloated. The comfy sweat pants and oversized tops for those days after we have indulged in a week of gorging ourselves at office functions, birthday parties, and weddings. Unfortunately, our “fat” clothes aren’t quite as attractive as our nicer clothes and eventually we need to slim down as we firm up.

Of course, the slimming and staying fit process becomes more difficult as we get older, life intervenes into our daily routines and the amount of available free time for exercising and trimming off unwanted pounds becomes less and less. If this is happening to you and you are looking for an easier way to get some toning into your daily or weekly routine, try Banglz, a revolutionary set of bracelets and anklets designed to provide weight resistance that maximizes your daily activities while helping you to create stronger bones, a healthier heart, better balance, and enhanced strength.

Banglz can be worn with interchangeable sleeves so that you can match them with your current outfit. Banglz are available in four styles:
•    Wrist: ½-pound wrist bracelet for everyday use
•    Wrist Walker: 1-pound wrist bracelet for walking and fitness training
•    Ankle: 1-pound ankle bracelet for everyday use or fitness boost
•    Ankle: 2-pound ankle bracelet for fitness training

I recently used the ½-pound Banglz, which is a perfect weight for everyday use. They’re not too heavy, too bulky, or too difficult to get used to wearing. Plus, they are rather cute. I received a free set for the purposes of this review, and I am thinking about getting a pair of the ankle Banglz so I can tone up my legs a bit.

Banglz provides an informative exercise routine that is easy to complete throughout the day for better health. Their 10 steps to a firmer form are easy to work through without investing a great deal of time. Plus, you can get more out of your Banglz with a few extra minutes a day since you can wear them with effortless ease!

Visit for more information or to purchase your Banglz bracelets and anklets. Check with your physician first to see if you if the Banglz wearable workout is suitable for your situation.


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