How to Plan the Best Mother’s Day for Your Mother – by Susan M. Keenan

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Planning the perfect mother’s day celebration is a simple task that requires only three facets: a bit of creativity, a touch of coordination, and a smattering of love. Once you combine all three of these ingredients, you will be on your way to the perfect way to honor the mother who holds a special place in your heart.

The most important concept to keep in mind is that this day is not about what you want or what you like. Instead, this day is about the opportunity to show your mother how important she is to you, how much you love her, and how much you respect her as a person. This doesn’t need to include a physical gift that your mother unwraps, but instead, it can involve time spent together enjoying each other’s company.

If your mother has more than one child, coordinate the plans to include everyone. This way, no one is left out and your mother can enjoy the company of each of her children and grandchildren. Instead of inviting everyone to your home or dropping in to visit your mother, why not select a place for everyone to gather that also includes one of your mother’s favorite activities, foods, events, or locations?

For example, if your mother is fond of gardens and all of the lovely accoutrements that go with them, arrange to take her to a garden show, public garden, or similar location that features a garden area as one of its special exhibits. Arrange to have brunch there, take a few photos as mementoes, and purchase a few flowers if they are available for sale. Other suggestions for locales that might create a memorable Mother’s Day afternoon include zoos, the circus, museums, antique marts, historical sites, and the theater.

Additionally, if your mother is up in years and getting out of her home has become difficult, arrange for an afternoon of shopping. Visit stores that your mother enjoys and purchase the items that she selects. In fact, you can arrange a few home repairs or decorating changes and hire someone to apply a few fresh coats of paint, wallpaper a room or two, or dig out one of those overgrown bushes in her front yard.

Instead of a Mother’s Day card, you can arrange for all of her children, spouses, and grandchildren to get together and have a portrait taken. Tell her that everyone’s smiling face is the signature on her card. Take this idea a step further and arrange to have a jigsaw puzzle, tee shirt, or mouse pad created from a photograph that includes each of your mother’s special people.

Of course, an old-fashioned picnic in her yard, the local park, or in her home is a wonderful idea that might bring back a few fond memories. Pack a lovely picnic basket full of surprises that she can discover as you help her to unpack it. Similarly, there’s no one quite like your mother, so why not show her a special time this Mother’s Day?

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