Fall 2010 Eye Makeup Colors and Trends for Eyes This Autumn

Eye makeup colors often change by the season with a few favorites and trends trickling through from one to the next. If you don’t already have a perfect eye shadow color for fall that you love, check out these suggestions and trends from makeup experts about what colors to wear on your eyes this autumn. Not every color works equally well with different colored eyes, but you can find a shade or eye shadow color that works great with yours and make it a favorite new part of your beauty routine.

Fall eye makeup colors this season will complement your look with a small burst of color.

Rich, Dramatic Eye Makeup Colors for Fall
“Makeup is a deeper, richer color, great teal greens for eyes, which are overlined in dramatic black,” says Adriana Vater, creative director of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. “Lashes are important, with either an all-over long lash or just in the corner of the eye.”

Jason Garner, makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop, recommends a few easy tips to ensure your favorite makeup makes the transition from beautiful fall to winter looks. He says high intensity eyes are extremely popular this fall and will transition into the winter season, and especially the holidays, as well.

“Fall 2010 was all about luminescent skin, dramatic eyes and warm nude lips,” says Garner. “These trends will still be relevant this winter, but slight application adjustments should be made to account for the needs of a winter complexion.”

Garner says to look for “multi-tonal rich pigmented shadows highlighted by intensely bold black eyeliner” to enhance your look for a party or anytime for fall and winter 2010.

“For added dimension, try using a synthetic shadow brush and apply a sheer shimmer shadow in blue or green to the inner corner of the eye,” Garner says. “When I create this look, I use a jewel toned mosaic shimmer such as DuWop’s EyeCatcher Shadows.”

Jessica Lauren, a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie, says that this season will have women playing up their eyes and wearing a nude or sheer lip color. She recommends a shimmery eye shadow for this fall look.

Hot Fall Eye Makeup Trends – Colorful Smoky Eyes in Purple, Blue, and Green
“Fresh off the runway, this fall’s beauty trend is all about rocking the glamour chic look,” says International Makeup Artist Liz Olivier. “The glamorous look focuses on sultry brown, bold smoky eyes with hint of deep purple, blues, greens, and maroon or red stained lips.”

“For eyes, mauves and purples are a nice change to the classic smoky eye,” adds Erica Maniscalco, a freelance makeup artist. “We tend to see purple as a bright color that is too much, but again with the right shade it can be a beautiful alternative to change your look. I also love using mauve and wine colors on brown eyes. It gives the eye a glow and brings out the green in it.”

Olivier reminds women not to get so stuck on black and gray for the smoky eye look. She informs us that the trend is now to include colors like purple, blue, and green to a natural brown smoky eye. Olivier also recommends a soft black eye pencil to create the smoky eye.

“Buying a pallet of four or five colors is the best way to get great value for your money,” says Olivier. “The color pallet will make it easier to transition from day to night makeup since it contains all the hues you need.”

Tips for a Great Smoky Eye:
1.    Apply eye shadow as desired.
2.    Line your eyes (top and bottom) with a soft eye pencil.
3.    Blend with a small eye brush to create a sexy smoky eye.

“For a more sultry look, line the inside of your eye with your black pencil,” Olivier suggests.

Fall Smoky Eye Product Recommendations:
MAC: Smolder eye pencil
Guerlain: Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Pallet (nude) Rue des Francs- Bourgeois
Dior: 5 color eye shadow Stylish Move

So to sum it up, look for pretty jewel tones and rich colors for fall 2010 eye makeup trends. Find a shade that works best for you in blue, green, teal, or purple. You can also make a great statement by taking your standard smoky eye look and enhancing it with rich colors. Play up your eyes for the fall and winter seasons!

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About the Experts:
Adriana Vater is creative director and co-founder of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. John Vater is the other co-founder of Spa Adriana and a prominent fashion photojournalist. For more information, please see: www.spaadriana.com.

Liz Olivier is an international makeup artist. For more information, please see www.lizolivier.com.

Jessica Lauren is a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie. For more information, please see www.studiotresjolie.com.

Jason Garner is a makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop. For more information, please see http://shop.duwop.com.

Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit www.ericamaniscalco.com.


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