Girls’ Weekend Ideas for All Seasons

Try these fun girls' weekend plans for all seasons!Exciting girls’ weekend ideas can make all the difference in having fun with your group of friends, even at a moment’s notice. Spending time with your girls is so important, even if it doesn’t happen as often as you like. Life gets busy with marriage, homeownership, having a family, and of course, working for a living. Take some time to plan a girls’ night or girls’ weekend with a few ideas for fun things you can do with the girls.

No matter what the season, you can find a wide variety of fun girls’ weekend ideas. Consider these suggestions for every budget for your girls’ weekends at home or away!


Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Winter
Winter can present a challenge if the weather is bad, but getting together with friends in the wintertime can be just as much fun as any other season if you plan it right. If the weather is cold and the snow is falling, consider these fun girls’ weekend ideas for your group of friends.

1.    Girls’ Ski Weekend
2.    Girls’ Spa Weekend
3.    Girls’ Getaway to Somewhere Warm and Tropical
4.    Ladies’ Cabin or Mountains Getaway
5.    Girls’ Wine Tour Weekend
6.    Cruise over a Long Weekend
7.    Hot chocolate and coffee plus conversation at someone’s house

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Spring
Springtime is a time of new beginnings, new life, and warmer weather. Consider these springtime girls’ weekend ideas for activities you can enjoy with your girlfriends.

1.    Girls’ Ranch Getaway
2.    Girls’ Winery Tour
3.    Shopping Weekend at the Outlets
4.    Wild Weekend in Las Vegas
5.    Spa Weekend

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Summer
Summertime is a favorite travel time and activity time for just about everyone. You can find a lot of fun and exciting things to do in the summer with your girlfriends. Consider these ideas for girls’ weekends and getaways.

1.    Beach Weekend
2.    Lake Getaway
3.    Road Trip Weekend
4.    Resort Getaway
5.    Culinary Weekend
6.    Houseboat Weekend

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Fall / Autumn
Fall is a nice close to the summer and offers splendid colors and decent, sometimes beautiful weather. Consider these suggestions for girls’ weekends near or far.

1.    Winery Weekend
2.    Football Weekend
3.    Niagara Falls Long Weekend
4.    Hike or Bike Weekend
5.    Haunted Weekend
6.    Halloween Festivities
7.    Breast Cancer Awareness Participation

Girls’ Weekend Ideas for Anytime
Many of the above ideas, like going to the spa and checking out the wineries, can be a great fit for any season at all. Keep these fun activities in mind any time of year!

1.    Spa Weekend
2.    Resort Weekend
3.    Cruise
4.    Girls’ Night In
5.    Celebrations at the bar
6.    Movie Marathons
7.    Craft Weekends (Scrapbooking, pottery, ceramics, beading, etc.)
8.    Game Weekend (video games, board games, etc.)
9.    Wild Girls’ Getaway
10.    Shopping Excursions

These are just a few girls’ weekend ideas to consider. Keep them in mind and try to come up with some of your own ideas for girls’ weekends, too! If you have other ideas for girls’ weekend plans, please share them with us in our comments section!

2 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend Ideas for All Seasons”

  1. Thanks for sharing all of your ideas. I like that you’ve included so many physical activities in your girl’s weekend plans. It can be really hard for me to do a whole weekend getaway, but yoga with the girls is always a good time.

  2. I love this article, some great, concise ideas. And we all need a reminder to get with our girls! My sister and I even created a board game just for women…to encourage these times with our friends. A real Girls’ Night In game. It’s called What’s a DAME to do?! and it’s a great activity to plan a night around. Super fun and FUNNY if I do say so myself! And the reviews we’re getting say so too. Nice article!!

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