Party To Do List – Get Ready for the Festivities with These Tips!

Try this party to do list to be sure you are ready for all your special events.Parties can be long-planned or quite impromptu – but even the most spontaneous party should have a short party to do list so you are prepared to entertain your guests! From food and drink to games, activities, and anything in between, you should put a little thought into your party ideas with a helpful party to do list. Consider these suggestions for both spontaneous parties and special events or even holiday parties.

Many times it is easy to forget something simple like bags of ice or plastic silverware. Party to do lists are a great way to keep yourself organized and remember all the essentials for your major event to your impromptu party.

Party To Do List for Spontaneous, Spur-of-the-Moment Parties
When a party comes together with very little notice, you can usually get by successfully with the basics on your impromptu party to do list. Be sure you have these things on hand so your spontaneous party will be great fun for everyone!

o    Beverages – Water, Soda, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Juice, Mixers – that kind of thing!

o    Food – Snacks like chips, pretzels, and Doritos are a good start. If you don’t have other food to toss in the oven, order some pizza

o    Solo Cups – If you plan to have a keg of beer or even if you are just mixing drinks, having plastic cups is vital. You can also use them for games like beer pong and flip cup!

o    Napkins / Paper Towels – Be ready for any spills and cleanup needs, just in case.

o    Music – This is something you probably always have on hand – hook up your iPod or play your favorite CDs for your guests in the background.

o    Games, Activities, or Another Party Reason – Most times you don’t need a reason to have a party, but it helps if you have something for your guests to do, whether it is watching a UFC fight, playing games, or simply catching up on old times in front of a bonfire.

Beyond having the above items ready for your spur-of-the-moment party, be sure to invite your guests with as much notice as possible. If you can think of anything else you need to do for a spontaneous party, please leave your tips in our comments to help others plan their parties!

Party To Do List for a Major Party or Event
When the party or event you are planning has more significance than a quick get-together, it helps to start planning further in advance. You can benefit from having some help from friends or family, but even if it is all you, you can still plan a successful party or event with a helpful and complete party to do list.

Consider these major needs for your party to do list!

Early Party Planning To Do List
o    Choose a date and party location. Reserve a hall or book a restaurant or other venue if you prefer not to have the party at your home.
o    Invite your guests. (Evites are helpful to keep track of RSVPs!)
o    Make up a party food menu and a corresponding grocery list.
o    Purchase party decorations if desired. (Balloons, crepe paper, banners, etc.)
o    Put together a music playlist or consider hiring a DJ or band if appropriate.
o    If you are going to cater the party, work with a caterer or restaurant to choose the menu and reserve everything you need.
o    Ensure you have crock pots and food serving stations available for your party.
o    Select a card and present for the guest/s of honor if appropriate.

Party Planning To Do List for 1 Week out or Closer
o    Get in touch with guests who have not responded in a timely fashion to ensure a more accurate party headcount.
o    Ensure you have enough party food for everyone who is coming, plus maybe one or two surprise guests who forgot to reply.
o    Do your grocery shopping when the party gets close.
o    Buy beer, wine, liquor, soda, water, or whatever you want to serve your guests as drinks.
o    Clean your house or arrange for an earlier time to arrive at your venue so you can decorate.
o    Make sure you have enough napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic silverware, paper towels, and any other paper goods.
o    Start preparing food a day or two ahead of time.

Same Day Party Planning To Do List
o    Decorate the venue for the party or event.
o    Set up the music station.
o    Set out the food.
o    Do any last minute straightening and cleaning.
o    Set up the bar or drink stations.
o    Ensure trashcans are readily available.
o    Help yourself to a drink, relax, and let the fun begin!

If you can think of anything else you need to do to prepare for a party, please share it in our comments. We tried to think of everything, but if we missed something, we would love to include it still. Happy party planning!

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