DIY Peacock Halloween Costume and Makeup Tips

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica ManiscalcoTo create the perfect peacock for Halloween, you should first find your inspiration. Good inspiration should allow you to create the perfect peacock Halloween costume with great makeup and nails to accent your look. Always start with a photo of your inspiration. I wanted to create as real of a peacock as possible… so my inspiration came from photos of real peacocks and artwork of peacocks.

Then I put together my ideas of how I can put this together. Map out what you want to do. For me it was a pair of spandex, tank top, and then the tail. After that I make a list of all the materials I would need; again, an outfit, makeup and feathers. I then look for places that sell peacock feathers and I am lucky being in New York because you can get anything. I think I bought out all the peacock feathers.

DIY Peacock Halloween Costume
DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica ManiscalcoI bought a variety of feathers, long short, dark blue, dark green. When you see all of them together you start to get more ideas for the peacock costume. The long feathers were for the tail, short feathers and range of colors were for the body. I decided to make my peacock Halloween costume a little more fantasy like, so I bought turquoise satin opera gloves and turquoise fabric for the arms to give the idea of wings without actually making them.

So my materials are complete and now it’s time for putting it together. I individually glued each feather to the tank and shorts and put it on in a pattern. I let some feathers fall over the fabric hanging below the shorts and above the tank to form almost a fan like pattern over my chest. I cut the fabric so it was an even amount on both sides and attached the corner of the fabric with thread to the top. It is connected but it can move. I then made a DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica Maniscalcoloop at the other corner so I can slip it on my glove for me to hold it while I walk, again giving the movement of a wing. Think of a long wedding dress and how the bride can hold up her gown.

Once the body was made, next came the tail. For this I needed the long feathers, Velcro, and a small pillow. I started to glue the feathers in a pattern of a real peacock tail. I knew I was not going to be able to walk through doors if I made the tail stand straight up like a fan so I chose to make it how the tail looks when it is hanging down off of the peacock. Make sure the tail is narrow where it connects to you and wider at the end. The tail becomes very heavy due to all the feathers, so I needed something to keep it up. I took Velcro and attached it to the tail and used that as the belt to wrap around me to show that it was connected. I then sewed a little pillow and put that underneath the tail to hold it up.

DIY Makeup and Hair for Peacock Costume
DIY Peacock Halloween Costume by Erica ManiscalcoLast came the makeup. I was originally going to use a prosthetic to make the beak but I decided to do this all with airbrushing and paint.

I airbrushed my body skin green. For the face I glued small beads that I found at the fabric store to my head and then painted the face with blue, greens, and beige to give the illusion of a beak.

For the hair I used hair slick (you can find that at a professional makeup store) and plenty of blue hair spray paint to put my hair back into a ponytail.

There you go – your perfect peacock!

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Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit

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