The Very Best Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day – by Don Schraier

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The very best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to have a mother. Since mine is no longer around, I make sure my wife’s Mother’s Day is a good one. This year we’re going to Portland where her family is so she can see and catch up on everything.

We’ll have a car and drive around to all the places she wants to see again and stop wherever she wants to, and maybe pick up a present or two along the way. We’ll have a big family barbeque and also a couple of small restaurant gatherings. This isn’t 300 words but the rest will be in great conversations about whatever she wants to talk about….

The thing I remember most about my mother was that she could prove any abstract theory by something she heard over the backyard fence about somebody. If it happened to someone she heard about, it proved a general truth that covered all the questions since Aristotle.

She was of that subservient generation where the man was the boss of the house, but she really ran everything and made all the decisions. Salome couldn’t have done it better. My mother lived with severe back pain for a number of years without complaint and preferred chocolate-covered cherries to any meal.


Whatever shortcomings I thought I had come up with about my parents when I was in school were overcome by her absolute kindness and generosity. How she put up with my father and me all those years is a mystery better than The Bermuda Triangle, and really, she kept us afloat in some very trying times. I have three children now and my wife has two children, but I don’t think either one of can compare to the solid wisdom of that generation, no matter how many how-to books we have today.

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