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Nails for Halloween from KISSI cannot express to you the amazing amount of love and fondness I have for all KISS nail products. They are my life line when I’m going out on the town. They are the ones to thank when I get compliments all day long because my nails look fabulous. They are the ones I turn too when I’m having another nail biting episode and need to cover my own hideous nails. They are the one and only brand of fake nails I prefer to use, recommend, and trust.

KISS nails come in all sorts of colors, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes. We recently received chrome nails and French manicure nails to try. You can usually find them at any mass retail store for less than five dollars. You can also find the necessary tools to help remove, file, clean, and color your nails, too. If toes are what you’re looking to spruce up and make pretty, you can find all the latest trendy colors, styles, and designs for even the smallest of pinky toes. It really is endless the amount of nail art, accessories, and products KISS has to offer; always at convenient prices, always all the rave in style.

Do you have young girls in the family? Are you lost for the next birthday party idea? Why not have a nail party. With Pink by KISS, young girls can have a safe, fun, and easy way to design and glamorize their nails. Moms can rest easy knowing that there’s no sticky glue to apply. The nails are pre-glued for easy application. When the girls are ready to take them off, they simply soak their hands in warm water for a few minutes and the glue loosens, making it easy for them to remove each nail without harming their natural nail bed.

At just under $5 a guest, you can have an amazingly fun nail party and I know the girls will thank you for it. We do it all the time and my girls love it! We don’t even wait for a special occasion to do this. We invite a few friends every other month and have fun! Even we moms get involved. It’s a great way to spend quality time with the girls and do something everyone loves.

KISS never forgets the holidays either. This Halloween consider trying some of the latest and craziest artificial nails that are sure to enhance your Halloween costumes! The designs are wicked looking and are so much fun to wear! Just think of the comments and reactions you’d receive from all your friends and colleagues. It’s definitely a conversation starter. I wore the spider web nail design last year and cannot wait to wear them again. I’ll be the Bride of Frankenstein with the most glamorous nails around!

Disclosure: Nail products were provided for the purpose of my review. Any thoughts and/or opinions expressed in this feature are 100% my own and did not influence any ‘positive’ feedback. Thank you.


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