Fashionable Travel Accessories for the Woman on the Go: Scentsy Travel Tins, Scent Genie, Skintimate®, Schick® Intuition Plus®, Schick® Quattro, Mini Kittour, and E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow

Traveling anytime soon? If you are, then you are probably already thinking about what you need to pack, how you can make your trip easier, and how you can keep your suitcase light enough to meet airline restrictions if you are traveling by air. Since that task isn’t always an easy one, you might want to pick up a few tips by reading about the following products that travel well without weighing much.  Of course, there’s also the need to keep your trip as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, so a few items are mentioned here to help accomplish that too!

Scentsy Travel Tins and More
How many of us enjoy the invigorating fragrance of scented candles in a room? Perhaps quite a few if the number of candles being sold across the country are any indication. Well, for a safe, wickless alternative to candles, Scentsy has designed a full line of products including ceramic warmers, travel tins (from the Scentsy Fragrances on the Go Collection), and huggable Scentsy items.

Since I happened to want a few items that might come in handy while taking a short trip, I received a free gift of three delightfully scented travel tins to review. The three travel tins I received featured the following scents:  Beach, Clean Breeze, and Sweet Pea & Vanilla. I really liked these partly because they smell so good and partly because they are so easy to travel with and use. Just open the lid and voila, the car or room is instantly filled with the freshness and delicate aroma contained in the Scentsy tin. The more frequently I opened the tin, the stronger the scent became. 

Available in 25 different scents, travel tins are perfect for quite a few uses: freshening up a closet, giving a musty room a fresh “scent over,” bringing the fresh scent of natural products or the scent of your home into the car, and freshening up travel trailers and cabins. Scentsy products are available through home parties or online at Scentsy Travel Tins give a whole new meaning to taking your fragrance on the go!

Scent Genie
Crafted from 98% recyclable materials, the Scent Genie is an eco-friendly as well as lightweight refillable atomizer spray bottle. It is perfect for carrying favorite fragrances without the need to tote around several large, breakable bottles of colognes or perfumes. The Scent Genie is small in size and has an attractive appearance, giving it two good reasons for women to carry it in handbags, designer purses, or overnight travel cases. It also gives women a chance to enjoy their favorite scents/perfumes while away from home.

The Scent Genie uses a simple repeat pump action to fill it with your favorite fragrance. Available in five spectacular colors including Perfect Pink, Bold Gold, Brilliant Red, Sleek Silver, and Black, the Scent Genie is attractive to look at and crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. Plus, its conveniently small size makes it easy to toss this cool beauty tool in tiny clutches or pockets! Sold at CVS, Walmart, Dillards, Hudson Indulgence Shops, Duty Free Americas Travel Sops, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, the Scent Genie is readily accessible to women who want to purchase it for their next trip. It can also be found online at

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