Fall 2010 Makeup Trends for Lips and Face

Red Lips are in for fall 2010, and nude lips are too!With every new season come new trends, fashions, and styles to show off. Update your look with the latest fall 2010 makeup trends for lips and face so you can show off the style of the season. You can check out the pages of your favorite beauty and fashion magazines for a glimpse into the fall 2010 makeup trends, but you can also follow the trends from the fashion runways and whatever the celebrities have adopted for their own looks. Consider these fall 2010 makeup trends for lips and face to get your appearance ready for fall.

“Inspired by strength, the potential of new forms, think of red hot, glowing iron – that’s the color at the heart of beauty, of attitude, for fall,” says Adriana Vater, creative director of Spa Adriana, an Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village.

“Expect to see lots of reds, auburns, coppers for hair and makeup,” continues Vater. “Lips compliment with sheer pastels. Rusts, organic mineral colors are key for lips – gone are the heavy red lips of last autumn.”

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Neutral Lips for Fall 2010 Makeup Palettes
Beauty and fashion experts agree that this year will see more and more neutral, nude, and sheer lips for fall 2010. Jason Garner, makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop, shares how lip color trends for fall will transition from corals to peach toned winter nudes. The subtlety of the nude lips lends itself to a complementing dramatic eye.

“To create the perfect neutral lip, simply repurpose your favorite coral gloss by blending it with a peach based matte lip balm like DuWop Tinted Prime Venom in Samba,” Garner suggests.

To create a sexy fall look, licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie, Jessica Lauren suggests using a lightly tinted moisturizer, followed by a shimmery eye shadow, and finishing with a peach blush. For the ultimate nude lips, this makeup artist loves Revlon Matte Lipstick in nude.

“Creating the appearance of nude lips will definitely be a trend this spring as more women focus on playing up their eyes,” says Jessica Lauren, licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie.

Red Lips for Certain Occasions this Fall
Makeup artists Liz Olivier and Erica Maniscalco both noticed red lips playing a part in fall 2010 makeup trends for lips despite some other neutral lip trends. If you choose red lips, be sure your makeup doesn’t compete between your lips and eyes.

“The biggest trend I am noticing is the red lip,” says freelance makeup artist Erica Maniscalco. “If you look at all the fall ads and what’s in stores from Makeup Forever to Bobbi Brown and Chanel, red, red, red is it – a classic look that can turn makeup from day to night. Remember red is not just one color. There are so many shades of red, so make sure when you pick what’s your color, you pick the shade for you.”

Luminous Complexion for Fall and Winter 2010
Skin with a soft and subtle glow is sexy for fall and winter this year. Makeup Artist Jason Garner recommends the following steps to get a luminous complexion for fall and winter 2010:

1.    Apply a lightweight foundation to even out the skin without looking overly made-up.
2.    Add a light translucent powder for a radiant finish.
3.    Define cheeks and create dimension with a hint of shimmer applied just behind the apple. Blend upwards.

“For a flawless complexion, choosing the right foundation is crucial,” Garner says. “I like DuWop’s Foundation of Youth since it plumps fine lines and restores the skin’s suppleness as it provides coverage; it also has a built in brush applicator for flawless application.”

About the Experts:
Adriana Vater is creative director and co-founder of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. John Vater is the other co-founder of Spa Adriana and a prominent fashion photojournalist. For more information, please see: www.spaadriana.com.

Liz Olivier is an international makeup artist. For more information, please see www.lizolivier.com.

Jessica Lauren is a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and owner of Studio Tres Jolie. For more information, please see www.studiotresjolie.com.

Jason Garner is a makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop. For more information, please see http://shop.duwop.com.

Erica Maniscalco is a freelance makeup artist based in New York City. For more information, visit www.ericamaniscalco.com.

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