Paper Gift Ideas for First Wedding Anniversary

Consider these ideas for gifts for the paper anniversary / first wedding anniversary.Celebrating your first wedding anniversary with your husband or wife should be a memorable and very special occasion. If you want to ensure a flawless exchange of first anniversary gifts, start thinking about your gift options for your husband or wife a few months ahead of time just to be safe. By brainstorming on first wedding anniversary gift ideas early on, you give yourself time to shop around for the best price and also to opt for customization or personalization options if available.

The first wedding anniversary is the paper anniversary, or clocks for modern anniversary gift giving. For the sake of tradition, this article will give you a number of ideas you can try for a great paper anniversary gift for your husband or wife. Consider these suggestions for paper anniversary gifts.

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas
Here are just a few paper gift ideas for the first wedding anniversary.

•    Airline Tickets
•    Artwork
•    Board Games
•    Books (songbooks or sheet music for musicians, journals or sketchbooks for creative types, etc.)
•    Coupon Booklet (for massage, candlelit dinner, etc.)
•    Customized Playing Cards
•    Gift Certificates
•    Handmade Scrapbook
•    Handwritten Love Letter
•    Handwritten Poem
•    Keepsake Box
•    Message in a Bottle
•    Origami Creations
•    Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle
•    Photos, Prints, or Portraits
•    Silhouettes

These are just a few suggestions if you want to find the perfect paper anniversary gift for your spouse. Don’t forget – if none of these ideas feels quite right, you can also make your own gift by hand. You can also brainstorm for other paper anniversary gifts you could buy, but most importantly of all, don’t forget your anniversary card. You can probably even find a first wedding anniversary card for this very special occasion at a local card shop or other retailer. When all else fails, if you can’t find a paper gift that is suitable, you can always count the greeting card as the paper part of the anniversary gift!


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  1. 😆 What a great article! Some great suggestions I only wish my hubby would have survived the first year to exchange one of these gifts with me!

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