Great Gift Ideas for a 30th Birthday for Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Son, Daughter, or Friend

Turning 30 is a big milestone that many of us dread until it finally gets here. Then it’s time to live it up and celebrate like we’re 21 again! Whether it’s your husband or wife, or boyfriend or girlfriend, son or daughter, or even your best friend turning 30, be sure you have a fun day and a special present in store for the birthday girl or birthday boy. To help you find the perfect present for your friends entering their thirties, consider these gift ideas for a thirtieth birthday.

Turning 30 is one final great birthday to celebrate before we may not really want to share our age as much. It is the last in a series of great birthdays – sweet 16, turning 18, and of course, the famed 21st birthday. Be sure to celebrate the big 3-0 in style with fun 30th birthday party ideas and creative presents for the person turning 30.

Great Gifts for a Husband or Boyfriend Turning 30
When the man you love is about to celebrate his 30th birthday, a special gift is surely in order. Depending on the guy and his interests (and your budget), you can find a wide variety of cool 30th birthday gift ideas to suit your sweetheart. Consider these suggestions for your husband’s or boyfriend’s 30th birthday present:

•    An amazing vacation
•    Cigars, cigar case, humidor, or other cigar accessories
•    Electronics – new iPod, phone, laptop, tablet pc, etc.
•    Jewelry – chain, bracelet, pinky ring, cuff links
•    Season tickets (or a game plan) to his favorite sports team
•    Something for a hobby of his – musical instrument, hiking or camping gear, etc.
•    Sports jersey – all the better if it is top of the line or signed
•    Watch – consider a major label if you want a luxury item

These are just a few suggestions of gifts you can get your husband or boyfriend for his thirtieth. See what else you can come up with, and please share in our comments!

30th Birthday Gifts for Wife or Girlfriend
If your wife or girlfriend is about to turn 30, be sure you have selected a very special present to mark the occasion. The 30th birthday is a huge milestone and a special time to celebrate with the woman you love. Consider these ideas for a great 30th birthday gift for your wife or girlfriend:

•    An amazing vacation
•    Big ticket hobby item
•    Day trip to a fun or exciting destination
•    Designer purse or accessories
•    Electronics – a new camera, laptop, or cool cell phone or data device
•    Jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings
•    Scrapbook of memories together
•    Shopping excursion
•    Wine or wine excursion

The type of gift you choose for your wife’s or girlfriend’s 30th birthday really should depend on her personality, likes, and interests. See if she gives you any clues to what she wants or needs and select her 30th birthday gift accordingly.

Creative 30th Birthday Presents for Son, Daughter, or Friend…

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  1. Any excuse to have a party! As it’s a milestone it is nice to give a great and unique gift to make that person feel special, especially if they are not too happy about turning 30.

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