Fall 2010 Hairstyles, Hair Color, and Haircut Trends

Fall is a great time for a new haircut, hair color, or hairstyle. You can change your look as often or as rarely as you like, but the changing of the seasons is a great time for a new look. Whether you want to try a new haircut that is in line with the fall 2010 hair trends or change your look further with a new hair color, you can get a great look with one simple trip to the salon. Consider these expert tips on fall 2010 hairstyles, haircuts, and hair color trends.

For the fall 2010 hairstyles and haircuts, you can expect to see a blast from the past style, shorter haircuts, and color chunks or multi-tonal hair colors. Consider these styles and hair color trends for fall 2010 and choose what works best for you.

“Hair, with its warmer tones, falls in soft broken waves reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s,” says Adriana Vater, owner of Aveda lifestyle salon and spa Spa Adriana. “This relaxed, feminine view was evident at the Tibi show, which featured playful, loose, flowing curly looks. Heavy bangs still play a role for fall. Look for shorter cuts, very clean and tailored bobs.”

Pam Kelly, the National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams, recommends ensuring your skin tone matches the hair color you choose for fall or anytime. If you are unsure of the best hair colors to complement your skin tone, you can speak with your stylist for recommendations.

“Chestnut brown, blonde and copper shades compliment warm undertone complexions,” Kelly says. “Burgundy, cinnamon, and mahogany work best for those with cooler complexions.”

Hair Highlights for Fall 2010
If you don’t want to completely change your hair color, you can always opt for highlights. Fantastic Sams’ Pam Kelly recommends color chunks and multi-tonal looks for fall this year. Pam Kelly also notes that fall hairstyles and colors will take on a more natural look so that roots are less noticeable when they grow in again.  Consider these tips and trends for fall 2010 hair highlights.

“If you have a red base, try adding some deep, bold highlights to frame your face,” she says. “Brunettes can go either way, by adding light highlight shades like gold and caramel, or darker tints with burgundy or auburn. If you’re daring enough, you might even try adding a color, like pink. Blonde will continue to be popular through the spring, but spice it up by adding some darker tones to it.” 

Consider these tips for fall haircuts and fall hairstyles or check with your stylist for any other trends that may be in full swing this season. You can also update your existing look with a different part, new hair accessories, or a few new layers in your haircut. Change your style to suit your mood or keep the same look for comfort – the choice is yours.

About the Experts:
Pam Kelly is the National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams. For more information please see www.fantasticsams.com.

Adriana Vater is creative director and co-founder of Spa Adriana, the award-winning Aveda lifestyle salon and spa in Huntington Village, New York. John Vater is the other co-founder of Spa Adriana and a prominent fashion photojournalist. For more information, please see: www.spaadriana.com.

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