Bra Straps, What’s A Girl To Do?

For quite some time now, bra straps have been popping up (and out) everywhere. The Today’s Show recently took to the streets in search of tacky offenders. Here’s the thing, bras are a necessity, and the straps that hold them are quite crucial to the concept! Since our emancipation from corsetry, driven mostly by feminists’ demand for a more comfortable and practical solution for women as they prepared to play a more active role in society, women have been celebrating bra straps.

But culture giveth bra straps and then culture taketh away as the fashion industry indulges itself with its love of skin. With so many shoulder revealing styles and trends, bra straps are a bigger dilemma than ever. There’s off the shoulder, one shoulder, cold shoulder, tanks, spaghetti straps, strapless, boat neck, and more. Many women simply shy away from these looks since they’re faced with the issue of bra straps.

If a woman doesn’t wear a bra, that’s tacky. If she wears a bra and lets the straps show, that’s tacky too. There’s always the third option, a strapless bra. These aren’t even an option for many, and at a minimum are uncomfortable to say the least, offering little lift or shape. So what’s a girl to do? It seems many of us have answered by saying, “we’re just going to let them show.” Well, since that’s the case, it seems only civilized to keep them clean and attractive.

The good news is designer removable bra straps are available. Since the convertible bra is the most popular style bra, pretty removable straps seem to be the solution. A great place to find these straps is This site offers a wide range of quality, fully adjustable bra straps. Styles range from elegant straps with four rows of brilliant rhinestones (and matching bracelets), to sweet casual fabric straps with a baby blue daisy print. These can be a much-needed, versatile fashion accessory for all of us.

There’s an answer to the bra strap dilemma, and it’s a lot less expensive than shopping for multiple bras with acceptable straps, far more comfortable than a strapless bra, and certainly more socially acceptable than pulling one bra in place all evening, or going braless. Decorative bra straps make it easy to wear shoulder revealing dresses and tops, there seems to be a bra strap for every style, color, and occasion. It’s also much more cost effective to buy pretty bra straps to match an outfit than shopping endlessly for the right bra with the right straps… just an additional perk.

About the Expert:
Kelly Carroll is a fashion-conscious single mother living in St. Louis, MO. After noticing the trend of exposed bra straps and struggling herself with them, she created Bra Straps and Accessories by Exposed Envy. She not only has a commitment to her business and serving her customers, but is also dedicated to charity and giving back. Five percent of all orders over fifty dollars is directly donated to charity. For more information, please see


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