Tips on Bob Hairstyles and Faux Bobs

Today’s bob look is a mid length bob, length from below the ear or just below chin length and no longer than an inch above the top of the shoulders. The look is not super straight but smooth with bend and movement. It is definitely not the old school bob worn by the fashionable Jackie O or the retro bob of the 1980’s, but instead today’s bob is worn with the visual interest of choppy ends, side swept bangs, or with a soft dry set.

The Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Worn by stars Taraji P. Henson, Charlize Theron, Agyness Deyn


The length of this look is just below the chin or to about one inch above the top of the shoulders. The length is pretty much all one length with the exception of the bang area.  These bangs are worn somewhat on the longer side. The length of the bangs reach past the eyebrows and into and even over the eyelash area. The ends of both the bangs and the overall bob are somewhat shattered with low layers so they have movement.  There is a deep side part on either the left or right side of the head and the bangs are swept off to the opposite side of the part.

Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Products – Apply Tela Guardian SPF 18 to the scalp and work towards the ends of the hair. Guardian SPF 18 will protect the hair and scalp from sun damage but also will help to smooth and shine.  Blow dry or air dry. If additional smoothing is needed for a flat iron, apply very small amounts of Tela Encore to hair strands prior to flat ironing. This will further seal and protect hair from heat damage and help create a brilliant shine and tremendous smooth surface. If hair needs a boost or additional smoothness throughout or end of day, lightly mist Tela Dri Shampoo and smooth hair with the Tela Brush.

The Soft Set Curl Bob
Worn by stars Marion Cotillard, Salma Hayek and Maggie Gyllenhaal

The length is the same with this variation of today’s bob. Also this look can be worn with a side swept bang or it can be worn with the bob more of an all one length look. The difference here is that the hair is set either with varying sizes of electric rollers or curling iron or even bent with a flat iron. The trick to getting the look to be modern is twofold. First make sure you use varying size rollers and set the hair with some rollers facing front and other facing back to get varying directions and sizes of waves and curls. The second trick is to not brush the curls out and instead break up the curls with a non hardening hair groom to give a soft but piecey look to the hair. No helmet heads please.

Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Products – Apply the same Tela products listed above and then to break up the curls, finger style the hair with very small amounts of Tela Composure.

Faux Bob Look
This look looks better with some curl as in the Soft Set Bob as this will disguise the “faux” look and make it appear to be an actual bob. The hair can be styled in the same way as in the Soft Set style. Then lightly gather small bunches of hair, working with the ends of the hair and tuck the ends under and toward the hairline. Then pin each bunch under and to the bottom of the hairline. To make it look even more natural, loosen a few shorter layered pieces of hair coming from the top of the head and loosen them from the bobby pins. This will give the hair more movement and make it look more natural.

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