Candy Themed Centerpieces

Try a unicorn pop and Whirly Swirl Lollipop centerpiece for a real eye-catching display!Candy themed centerpieces can be fun for just about any occasion. You can create your own fun candy themed centerpiece for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, Halloween parties, birthday parties, and even anniversary parties. Choose your favorite candy or a color coordinated candy to go with the rest of your party décor. Check out these ideas for centerpieces made of candy.

Your candy centerpieces can be for display only, for snacking, or for your guests to take home with them. As you plan your centerpiece decorations, think about all the different kinds of candy you like and consider which ones would look best as part of a candy themed centerpiece. Here are a few suggestions for cute and fun candy centerpieces.

RefletCandy Themed Centerpieces for Holidays
The holiday season is a special time for parties and special events, family gatherings, and corporate celebrations. To create a stylish candy centerpiece for your holiday party, consider these ideas for Christmas candy centerpieces and other holiday party candy themed centerpieces.

•    Glass or crystal bowls or vases filled with Peppermint Starlight Mints or holiday hard candy
•    Glass or crystal bowls or vases filled with red and green candy
•    Decorative glass bowl or vase overflowing with blue and silver wrapped chocolates
•    Candy gift boxes like those offered by Oo La La Candy
•    Glass or crystal tiers featuring decadent fudge or other confections

Sweet Stuff Gift Boxes from Oo La La Candy are a nice way to send each of your guests home with a favor at your next holiday event. You can set up a creative and fun candy centerpiece by placing decorative candy gift boxes inside a basket or other attractive container. Oo La La Candy then recommends tying some balloons around the boxes and placing them in the center of the table. You might also consider Nuts, Gifts, Sweets & More from NutsOnline.

Candy Centerpieces for Showers
Baby showers and bridal showers are two great parties where edible centerpieces are especially handy. You can have individual cakes or cupcake tiers on each table at the shower, but you might also consider baby shower or bridal shower candy centerpieces. Here are a few ideas for fun candy themed centerpieces for showers.

Baby Shower Candy Centerpieces

Baby Shapes Candy Ideas for Baby ShowersHere are a few ideas for baby shower candy themed centerpieces:

•    Baby Bottle Candies – Fill plastic clear glass or plastic baby bottles with tiny candies like the adorable baby themed candies  Sugar Layon-Deluxe Baby Assorted: 144 Count. You can probably find baby themed candy or use jelly beans for added color in your baby shower centerpiece.

•    Color Coordinated Candy – Whether the mom-to-be is having a boy, a girl, or a surprise, you can color coordinate your candy for the occasion. Simply fill a bowl or vase with colored candy like  Jordan Almonds (Pastel) or M&Ms for a fun and colorful candy centerpiece. Personalized Chocolates On Sale

Bridal Shower Candy Centerpieces
For a fun bridal shower candy centerpiece, consider these suggestions:

•    Candy Cupcakes – Talk about elegant! Candy Cupcakes, like those you can get from Oo La La Candy, are a fun and festive must-have for cool candy centerpieces. Make sure you get enough candy cupcakes so each guest can take one home. Then set them up nicely on a tiered table tray or cupcake stand for the perfect bridal shower candy themed centerpiece. Oo La La Candy recommends adding a single flower vase if you would like an added dimension to this particular candy centerpiece style. While they are a great option for showers, you can consider candy cupcakes for other centerpiece needs as well.

•    Decorative Vase of Dinner Mints – The pale pastel colors of  After Dinner Butter Mints can blend nicely with a wedding theme or bridal shower theme. Consider different shapes and sizes of glass or crystal vases for decoration.

You can also find lots of adorable, edible wedding themed treats like chocolate covered apples, bridal themed fortune cookies, brownie favors and more at For a special discount – Enter coupon code TAKE25 to receive $25 off orders over $200.

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