How to Celebrate Mother’s Day for the Mother who has Passed Away – by Hazel Wilcox

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Holidays can be extremely difficult for the child who has lost a parent. Take Mother’s Day for instance…how does one show respect for this holiday when the mother has already passed away? The answer is simple: Celebrate! There is no need to stop celebrating a special day simply because the guest of honor is not present. After all, this is the perfect time to create memories of your loved ones for the people that miss them just as much or for those little ones who never had the opportunity to meet them. Below are some examples of ways to show your respect:

The Balloon Message: Get balloons for each member of the family. Have them write a letter to them on one page of a notebook. Let them write whatever they wish, and when they are done, fold it up and use a hole puncher to put a small hole on one corner. Thread the balloon’s string through the hole. Tie securely. At the same time, (be sure to space apart), everyone lets loose their balloon and the letters of love float to heaven to their loved one!

The Family Recipe: Take one of your loved one’s signature dishes and create a copy of the recipe. Pack all the ingredients in a basket and give away at special occassions where the loved one cannot be present, such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, etc. This way they have the recipe to carry on, and the ingredients to make their first batch!

The Picture Collage: On special holidays, such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, get together with your siblings and make a picture collage of all the times shared with your loved one. Make them on a scrapbook page that can be put into an album (copies of photos work well here). Each year, have a get-together on that occassion. Add the pictures taken at the last get-together to a new photo page. Continue the tradition each year.

The Birthday Bash: Each year on the loved one’s birthday, hold the biggest and best party of the year! Put out pictures of your loved one and celebrate as if they were there. Have a special time to remember and talk about your loved one!


With a little creativity, celebrating holidays and special times will not be so hard, and the younger generation will come to love your passed family members just as much as you did, as they will understand how big a part they played in your life.

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