Fun Rainy Day Dates

Fun rainy day dates are one of the most memorable kinds of dates you can have. Bad weather can make us hesitant to go out and have fun, but it can still be romantic even if it’s the worst weather that you encountered in your life. The important thing is that you had the chance to spend it with your special someone. Lovers will definitely rekindle the relationship and it can add spice to your relationship in having a date on a rainy day. Here are some tips and suggestions that you can use while the rainy season strikes for both of you whether you like to spend time indoors or outdoors in the rain.

Rainy Dates: Activities

1.    Enjoy a movie together. You can watch one of the all time favorite romantic movies “The Notebook” starring Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling — that is, if you are the type of person who is a hopeless romantic. This movie will open your mind to believe that love still moves even if your memory fades out.

2.    Play indoor games like chess, scrabble, card games, or even Wii games that will leave you smiling and laughing out loud. Wii sports allow you to work out and burn calories in the house without going outside.

3.    Read books or any magazines together while sitting on the couch or bed.
This is one of the relaxing rainy dates that would be nice to do all the time.

4.    Prepare a candlelight dinner and cook his / her favorite dish while playing romantic music in the background. Isn’t it romantic to eat your dinner on a rainy day while listening to your favorite song? What the best romantic rainy dates have in common is that you and your sweetheart get to spend special time together, even if the weather isn’t very nice.

5.    Cuddle with your pet dog or or cat and play with them together.
Having a pet of your own, will make you a more optimistic person and reduce stress all the time.

6.    Play hide and seek inside your house. Try to turn off the lights so that it will make your game more intense, which for both of you heats up the moment.

7.    Play videoke. Sing your favorite songs together with your special someone.

8.    Play truth or dare. Try to share your deepest secrets or challenge each other with a wild task when playing truth or dare.

9.    Make a craft. Making a scrapbook can be a very special activity to enjoy with your loved one as a rainy day date idea. Having a scrapbook will give you memories that you can share and enjoy from time to time. It also relieves stress seeing your scrapbook and thinking of all your happy times, rain or shine.

One of the amazing rainy dates that you can enjoy outside with your partner is to walk along in the rain using your umbrella. This is very romantic, even if it’s already kind of cliché, but it works. For men out there who wish to attract their date’s attention, consider taking your date in the park and while walking along the street, share your funny jokes and snap a stolen picture of her.

You will love the idea that there are a lot of great things to do even if it’s the rainiest season that you experience in life. It will not be boring because you have found someone beside you to make it through the rainy season in life. Remember that weather is not a hindrance when you want to share quality time with your partner; it is the quality time that matters most. Spending quality time with your partner in the rainiest season will allow you to have a memorable date that you can remember for a lifetime. Everyone is not given a chance to do this with their partner. Now it is your chance to show your special someone how romantic it is to have a date in a rainy day. Don’t just sit there when the rain pours. You will now surely know what to do to surprise your partner and show how beautiful life can be, even when you need to enjoy a date on rainy days.

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  2. I can relate to this, I had a date in worst weather in my life but it turned out to be most perfect moment with my boyfriend 😆

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