Football Shaped Food

Football shaped food is a fun way to jazz up your football gatherings, no matter where you are. Football season is in full swing and football parties are happening every week. Tailgating never goes out of style, so you can really have a great time showing off your cooking and baking skills with football shaped food. Even if you aren’t an especially experienced cook, you can still have a pretty good time making foot shaped like footballs.

From appetizers to main courses and even desserts, you can create a nice spread of football shaped food. Consider these ideas to create your own football food!

Football Shaped Food: Appetizers and Entrees
When you have a football party or even if your family just loves the sport of American football, it’s a nice touch to carry the football theme through your menu, especially on Sundays. Consider these football shaped food ideas to impress your family and your guests:

•    Football shaped burgers
•    Football shaped cheese ball
•    Football shaped meatloaf
•    Football shaped pancakes (great for Sunday breakfast or brunch with your kids!)
•    Football shaped French toast
•    Football shaped sandwich
•    Football shaped pizza

Football Shaped Food: Desserts
No meal is complete without dessert! Consider these football shaped dessert ideas for your family or any football loving guests.

•    Football cake
•    Football cookies
•    Football rice krispie treats
•    Football Jello Jigglers
•    Football shaped Carvel ice cream cake


If you had some other kind of food in mind for your football party or gathering, you can still bake or cook whatever you originally planned. Simply look for fun and festive football platters, football bowls, and other football themed serving ware. You can dress up any tailgate or football party with football shaped containers and serving trays. Now all that’s left is decorating with your favorite team’s colors!


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