When is Touching Flirting

If you are wondering, when is touching flirting, think about your intentions or the intentions of the other person. Touching can be flirting in a variety of instances, mainly when a person’s intentions are romantic or lustful. Touching is a key form of flirting, along with eye contact, which both help to convey your feelings for someone without use of words.

Flirting is a playful and often mysterious way to express romantic feelings or to urge on sparks in a relationship. Find out what kinds of touching can be considered flirting.

Some examples of flirting through touching can include:
•    Holding hands
•    Putting your arm around the person, especially at a movie
•    Touching or rubbing the person’s arm, leg, or shoulder
•    Placing your hand on someone’s arm while talking to them
•    A playful shove

Other kinds of touching can also be considered flirting in certain contexts. If you challenge your crush to a competition of some sort, you can give a playful shove or even a high five with a flirtatious smile. A pinch or flipping a girl’s ponytail can also be considered flirting through touching.

Remember, flirting with touching can be sweet and innocent or in some cases it can be risky. You don’t want to come across as pushy or physically aggressive. If you flirt too frequently with someone who may not be interested, your advances may become more visibly unwelcome and in some cases may be perceived as sexual harassment when conducted in inappropriate situations or with inappropriate people.

Use your best judgment when flirting with friends, too. You can permanently change the dynamics of a friendship by flirting with a friend who may not share the same romantic feelings. When you engage in flirting with touching, it is often best to proceed slowly and innocently with caution. If your crush returns your flirting advances, you may be in a better place to flirt more often or more seriously.

Gauge the body language and facial expressions of the person you’re flirting with to understand if you are both on the same page. Your relationships will be stronger if you stay in tune with the signals you are given through another person’s flirting or lack thereof.


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