Thanksgiving Getaways and Travel Ideas

While it’s not for everyone, Thanksgiving getaways are a popular type of travel for many people. The extra day or two off from work for the holiday add to the vacation time when you travel for Thanksgiving. Whether you want to spend the Thanksgiving weekend getaway with family or with friends or simply your significant other, you can find the perfect long weekend trip to celebrate the holiday.

Lots of people enjoy spending Thanksgiving with family. If your family is local, you might not want to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. If your family lives far away, you can make your Thanksgiving getaway into a trip to spend the holiday together with your family. You might also consider some of these other suggestions for Thanksgiving weekend getaways.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Weekend Getaways
Consider these suggestions for Thanksgiving weekend getaways to enjoy with your significant other, your friends, or your entire family.

•    A Cruise
•    Bed & Breakfast Escape
•    Family Visit
•    Football Experience
•    Mountain Retreat
•    Ranch Vacation
•    Resort Hideaway
•    Southern Adventure
•    Tropical Getaway
•    Wine Country

If a family meal is not mandatory, you can plan a very special Thanksgiving vacation with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Discuss your ideas about where you would like to go and put your plans in place. A cruise can be a good option since most of the details will already be built into your planning.

Traveling for Thanksgiving weekend can be tricky since lots of people do it. You should be prepared for more congested airports and heavier volume at the other forms of public transportation such as buses, trains, and the subway. If you can plan your trip outside of the top travel days (typically the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week), you should spend less time waiting in line and on your commute. Give some advance thought to your travel plans for Thanksgiving and you should be in good shape!


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