Romantic Love Letters: Tips on Writing and Sending

Romantic love letters are something to cherish for a lifetime. Some people hold onto them still, even after the relationship has ended or after meeting someone new. The power of a romantic love letter is incredible, conveying and evoking emotion with only written words. If you would like to spice up your relationship or share your feelings with the one you love, romantic love letters are a wonderful way to express how you feel.

You don’t need to be an experienced writer to write romantic love letters. In fact, as long as you write from your heart, the most important thoughts and feelings will come through in your letter. Consider these tips to help you in writing romantic love letters for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or other love interest.


Tips on Writing Romantic Love Letters
Whether you are writing your first love letter or your fiftieth, try these romantic love letter writing tips:

•    Send a love letter to keep a long distance relationship closer to your hearts. Even if you’ve got the distance between you, romantic love letters will allow you to express your feelings while making the other person feel good about your relationship.

•    Write your love letters by hand and send through the mail.
Even though we have instant communication with email and text messaging, consider sending your love letters through the mail so your sweetheart can look forward to something other than bills and junk mail.

•    Spray a little of your perfume or cologne on the love letter.
Adding your scent to your written words plays upon the senses as well. The lingering fragrance will remind your lover of you and it makes you closer to almost being there.

•    Write a rough draft of your letter if you are nervous or unsure of what you want to say. Even the best writers get tongue-tied or face a bout of writer’s block. Even when writing a romantic birthday card note or letter, you can write a draft of what you want to say on a different piece of paper so you don’t damage the card or stationery with any mistakes.

•    Write your romantic love letters in different colored ink for a fun burst of color. You can try colors like red, pink, purple, blue, and green for a fun change from black and blue ink. If you are feeling especially playful, add a sticker or two for added fun.

•    Include photos of yourself or of the two of you with your love letter. Your significant other will appreciate the new snaps you send of the two of you or even ones of just yourself. It helps to minimize the distance between you.

•    Write from the heart. Let your emotions do the talking.
Let your significant other know things like:

o    I miss you.
o    I can’t wait to see you.
o    You’re always on my mind.
o    I love you.
o    You give me butterflies.
o    I am counting the days till I see you again.
o    You’re the guy / girl of my dreams.

•    Spruce up the envelope of your love letter with a lipstick kiss or an old-fashioned wax stamp. Sure, it is just a detail, but why not focus on every detail of your romantic love note being perfect? Sealing wax and stamps are a romantic and elegant way to seal a love letter. The way the envelope looks is the first impression your letter will make on its recipient.

What other love letter tips and tricks do you think are important? Please share them in our comments below.

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