Handpainted Nail Art Designs

Handpainted nail art designs have become quite popular and especially with the younger generation. Nail art has a long history. There are quite a number of nail designs in the Internet to choose from. Nail art has become extra creative and artistic over the years.

Hand-painted nails are a perfect choice for women who are passionate about their nails. Well groomed nails tell a lot about a person’s character and mood. It is often said that a woman hands tell a lot about her age. Therefore hands that have been well taken care of can disguise a woman’s age.


Manicures and pedicures have become a daily necessity for women today. Pedicures are a good way of taking care of our legs and feet after supporting our bodies for days on end. However, both men and women should have pedicures. This will protect them from the many foot problems for example in grown toe nails, calluses, and fungal infections. Be sure to investigate the salon’s pedicure stations for cleanliness and fresh soaks if you get a salon pedicure.

Nail polish can be used to make any handpainted nail art designs that you may choose. Henna is another product that has become very popular in the recent past for making a variety of handpainted nail art designs. Quite a number of people use henna to make nail designs, especially during weddings and festive occasions.

Extra care should be taken when buying nail polish since some brands are inferior and may harm the nails. Some kinds of nail polish may not even bring out the desired nail designs. Quality nail polish brings out the designs better and they do not chip as often. Among the most admired nail designs are French manicures, hearts, and a variety of flowers. This nail art can be achieved using the wide variety of colors available in nail polish and nail art pens.

Quite a large number of people are opting to have handpainted nail art designs on only one finger. In such cases nail designs are only drawn in the thumb or ring finger.

Countless handpainted nail art designs are available to dress up your manicures and pedicures – just use your imagination. You should choose your desired nail art designs according to season, occasion, and personality. For example if it is spring you can go for lively colors, if the occasion is Valentine’s Day you can paint your designs in red. Both the color and design should tell a tale.

Nail stickers are also some of the available nail art designs which come in the shape of nails or sized small enough for nails. They are sold in beauty shops and have different designs. Your stylist can advice you on the nail art design that suits you best.


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