How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mom or Mother – by Carolyn Correira

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You should definitely make her day with flowers and candy or a piece of jewelry. Mother’s Day should be her day to relax and feel loved. Cards are a very important part of Mother’s Day because you pick the one that best suits your relationship you have with her. Every day should be Mother’s Day because she is the most special person in your life and she should feel appreciated for all she does and has done. God Bless Mother and Mom.

I think that everyone can call their mother and mom on Mother’s Day and let her know just how much they love her and that they hope she has a wonderful day. It is hard when you are grownup to be able to visit as much, but if you take at least 5 minutes daily or weekly or on the weekends to let her know you are thinking of her, that would make her feel so much better.

You only have one mother or mom so make sure that you let her know how special she is today and always. Without your mother or mom in your life, it just isn’t the same. She is the one with wisdom and has the heart for caring. If your mother or mom has passed away, then you have a special Guardian Angel ^A^ watching over you and your family.

When you get older you start to sound like your mom or mother and that is a good thing. Mothers are only there to protect and guide you and help your journey in life to not be so hard. God made mothers special because they always have a special place in our hearts. If you are from a big family, then get your mother or mom the special jewelry with each birthstone so she has all her children with her, and if she has grandchildren, then the necklaces with their adorable faces are always on display.


Take care of mom because she has always taken care of you. I miss my mom because she is in Texas, but she is always in my heart and prayers. I am smiling now just thinking of her. I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, and hoping you know how special all of you are.

Take care of yourself and make sure to pamper yourself. Keeping all of you in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. Thanks for the giveaway and if I win you know this is going to my mom. 😉

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