Eco-Friendly Beauty Products from Global Girlfriend

Eco-friendly gifts are not only beneficial for the environment, but also for those who use them. Not only is it fashionable to use eco-friendly products these days, but it is affordable. Plus, purchasing environmentally friendly products such as the ones found at Global Girlfriend Gifts can assist other women financially at a time when they need it most. Take the time to visit the Web site and discover just how many products are available. It is possible that you will be pleasantly surprised. Now, for a bit about the company and a few of the available products or “gifts with a conscious”, read on….

In business since 2003, Global Girlfriend offers eco-friendly beauty and fashion products made by women in more than 20 countries across the world. The company believes in fair trade and works with women’s cooperatives to produce environmentally friendly bath, beauty, and fashion products — an excellent reason to choose to purchase your beauty products from this company.

The Fizzy Inside Gift Box, an attractively covered box, holds a set of five delicately scented handmade bath fizzballs. The box is a hand crocheted gift box crafted by women in need. It currently sells for $16. The handcrafted box, delicately decorated with hand-embroidered flowers in five different colors, can be reused once all of the bath salts have been used. Since it is so attractive, it is easy to reuse the box for small trinkets, additional bath soaps and fizzes, buttons, and more. Each bath fizz is individually wrapped and offers a nice, clean scent — perfect for a bit of pampering!

Hypo-allergenic and safe for even the most sensitive of skin, the Basa Body Lotion sells for $12.50 and is sold in a 6- fluid ounce size. The bottle is slim, attractive, and easy to handle. I discovered that Basa Body is non-oily and offers a fresh, delightful scent due to the special ingredients it is made from. An organic virgin coconut oil is at the foundation of this delicate lotion, which also incorporates citric acid, natural Vitamin E, rosemary oil extract, and stearic acid into its creamy mixture. The lotion exits from the bottle in a thin stream of creamy concoction so you never need to worry about too much coming out at one time. Free of harsh chemicals, Basa Body lotion is a good choice, especially since it includes the natural antioxidants offered by virgin coconut oil.

The Lavender Choices Shower and Bath Gel retails for $8.00 and is sold in an 8-fluid ounce size. The bottle is slim and attractive, so you can certainly toss it in your overnight bag as well as keep it within easy reach in your shower caddy. The gel offers a crisp scent that cleans nicely. I did notice on the website, Global Girlfriend Gifts, that you can purchase this product in Seascape or Lemon Sage. All of the gels use all-natural essential oils, which is important to your skin. Some of the ingredients are ones that you may be familiar with including coconut oil, sulfonated castor oil, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, and essential and fragrant oils for scent.

I enjoyed each of the products described above. I received them as a gift for the purposes of this review. While I like getting free items, I especially like ones that I discover to be perfect for my needs. Shop green this year and make up a basket for your favorite female friends or family members. For more information, please see

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