How to Be a Mother – by Diane Roscoe

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It would be so easy if each of us came into this world at birth with our own personalized instructions telling our mothers exactly what to do when we cry, how to treat us when we are sick or scared, and what to allow us to do-and not to do throughout our lives to avoid getting hurt or in trouble.

Think of the broken hearts, stitches, tears and grey hairs that could be avoided in life! But it’s not that easy. Mothers are only human, and we can’t know what the future holds for any of our children. All we can do is bring them into this world because we want them, and then prove to them that we do want them throughout their lives.

No child asks to be born – it’s a mother’s choice to have a child, so in doing so, she should make up her mind to be the best mother possible.

And the best mom possible works full-time. And she stays at home all day. She breastfeeds. And she only gives her baby formula. She sends her child to daycare, and she stays home with her child all day long. She takes her child to all sorts of activities, and she is content just rolling around in the grass with her child each day.

Being a mom isn’t one specific thing… you can be a mom and still be crazy, or sexy, or funny, or quiet. You can still have friends and go to parties and have girlfriends to hang out with. Being a mom doesn’t change the person you are…it only makes you more aware of what really matters to you in life.

Sure you can still go out to a party and have fun, but you get to a point where you know that there’s a sweet little life at home waiting for you, so you don’t want to BE at that party for too long. You can dress in a slinky dress and have someone tell you how incredible you look, and yes, that feels terrific, but when your little 10-month old looks you in the eye and gives you a sloppy, but genuine real kiss, how could you possibly even care what you are wearing!

You can know all there is about fashion and design, but when your 15-year-old says “let’s go shopping together,” you feel as if you had been given a miraculous gift!

Each of us who are moms are moms in different ways…some of it good, some of it maybe not the best in the eyes of others – or worse yet, in the eyes of our child. But again – we are only human. And there are times, I think, when our children don’t understand that. But all we can do is love our children, and to let them know that we do love them and that we are each going through this thing called life without any kind of instructions. We are all learning from our mistakes – and our triumphs, but no matter what we go through, we have one another to share it with.

To be a mother, you have to just be who you are…someone who really, truly cares about the life that you chose to bring into this world…and to let that life know that it is truly wanted.

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