Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint Product Review

Beauty products that multitask are the goldmine of the fashion and beauty industry. Protecting your skin is so important, and concealing blemishes is important on a completely different level. Murad’s Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is part of the Age-Proof Suncare line that allows you to protect your skin from the sun and from free radicals while also balancing any uneven skin tones or hiding blemishes.

The Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint product absorbs excess oils on your skin and soothes skin sensitivity. I received a sample product for the purpose of my review. You can wear this product all day as a sunscreen with tint to cover up any imperfections in your skin. For best results, apply your favorite moisturizer first and then apply Murad Oil-Free Sunblock. Apply your makeup after applying the sunblock. For best results, apply this product 30 minutes before sun exposure and again every 80 minutes after being in the water or after perspiration.

What I liked most about using Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is that I couldn’t even feel it after I’d applied it. This sunscreen product is specially formulated for your face and especially for sensitive skin. The sheer tint is just enough to blend into your skin tone. You may need to apply additional foundation or concealer based on your preferences.

The product’s pomegranate extract and sunscreen components help to protect you from free radicals and help keep your skin looking younger and more radiant. Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint does not leave a shine on your skin – instead it blends seamlessly into your complexion for a smooth and attractive look.

The active ingredient in Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is Titanium Dioxide (5.5%). Some other key ingredients include water, grape seed extract, lemon peel extract, rosewood oil, and lavender oil. This product is dermatologist tested and approved.

Remember, it’s important to protect your skin, especially the skin on your face, even in the wintertime. You can still get sunburn or sun damage when out in the bright sun on cold days, for example when skiing. Protect your skin all year long to retain that radiant, youthful appearance!

All Murad products come with the Murad Guarantee, offering you proven, guaranteed results for your skin. Murad products are not tested on animals.

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