Stocking Stuffers for Guys

Filling a holiday stocking for your husband, boyfriend, or son is a nice tradition every Christmas. To be sure you are choosing the best stocking stuffers for guys, consider your special guy’s favorite things – sweets, gadgets, jewelry, and so forth. You can come up with a theme for his stocking or simply include as many of his favorite things as you can fit!

The size of the stocking determines the number and size of the cool stocking stuffers you’ll be able to include. Stocking stuffers for guys are available at just about any kind of store – grocery stores, drugstores, mass market retailers, and even online shops like Amazon. When you go out shopping for stocking stuffers, try to make a quick list to get you started, but keep your eyes open for other small items to place in your husband’s, boyfriend’s, or son’s Christmas stocking.

Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Guys
Consider these suggestions for cool stocking stuffers for your husband, boyfriend, or son:

•    Candy
•    Chewing Gum
•    Car Air Fresheners
•    Razor Blade Refills
•    Cufflinks
•    Gadgets
•    Beer Clip Bottle Opener and Money Clip in One (Item features an image or design and up to three letters engraved on gold colored metal foil)
•    Gift Cards
•    Small Toys or Trinkets
•    Travel Games like Chess, Scrabble, or Zobmondo! Would You Rather…? (a game of sick and twisted questions where you must not only answer the questions but also correctly predict what other players would say)
•    CDs
•    Movies (DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs)
•    Socks
•    Boxers / Underwear
•    Face Wash or Moisturizer
•    Cologne or Aftershave
•    Cool Keychain
•    Batteries or Rechargeable Batteries
•    ChapStick
•    Christmas Ornament
•    Sporting Event Tickets or Concert Tickets
•    Universal Remote Control
•    Nice Pen Set
•    Tools

Desk gadgets are another option you might want to consider. Buckyballs are a set of 216 powerful, rare Earth magnets, each with two poles so one side attracts while the other repels. Unlimited creations are possible with Buckyballs, which have been called “Silly Putty for the 21st century.” I received a set of Buckyballs for the purpose of review. My husband has enjoyed tinkering around with them for the past half hour and I think he might take them to work with him. (For more information and to purchase, see

The list above is just a selection of example stocking stuffer goodies for guys. You can use your own creativity to come up with other ideas for things you can include in your son’s, husband’s, or boyfriend’s Christmas stocking. If you and your sweetheart are exchanging filled Christmas stockings, consider setting a budget or limit for your stocking stuffers. Some items can get very expensive, like razor refills, jewelry, gift cards, and electronics.

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