How to Spoil Your Kids without Spoiling Them – by Barbara Baker

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I am a mother of three wonderful human beings and am very proud of them. I am a spoiler when it comes to giving them all the love and attention they need. I am not, however, a spoiler in nonessential items. My husband and I are always tight for money and can never buy our kids what they want (especially during the holidays), but we try and let them know through love and communication that there is much more than inanimate objects to keep you happy in life.

I am a firm believer of working hard for your money and will work at instilling that in my kids. Giving them everything that they want from the beginning is not going to ensure this.

Our kids need stability and reason in life, but allowing them to live lavishly does not introduce them to heartbreak (which they will go through) and some setbacks that come with growing up. It is important to teach values as well as injustices. I believe that we need to talk to our kids rather than yell, talk and reason with them rather than ignore, and most of all, love them unconditionally without making them feel like they have to do something special in order to get that.

You don’t need to reward them with items every time they do something grand… reach down and HUG your child and tell them how wonderful they are and how well they did. Forget taking them to the malls, restaurants, and toy stores…reward them with more quality time; reward them with more hugs and kisses.

Love is the only thing free that can give them the affection one needs to flourish in life…not unnecessary items that will break in a few hours or days. Those things go away but do nothing for their self worth. Granted it might make them want more in life, but what about the emotional connection they may miss.

It takes more energy to take them out to get ice cream (not counting the calories you just gained by doing so) than it does to sit down, put them on your lap, and read them a great book. Love is very much needed in our lives…spoiling our kids with that love is an addiction I can’t live without.

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