Delicious Cheese Options for Your Holiday Festivities and Special Occasions

Cheese for any occasion, formal or casual!Few things go so well together as wine and cheese! Next time you are planning a party, like New Year’s Eve, a festive birthday, baby or bridal shower, or even a casual get-together, be sure to think about some nice and tasty cheese options to give your guests a delightful snack that pairs perfectly with the wine your serve. If interested, you can even plan your own wine tasting party or an easy-breezy night of movies, wine, and cheese with the girls.

Check out this wide variety of cheese products by Alouette that you can enjoy with your sweetheart, your family, or the next time you have guests or a party at your home. Alouette Cheese makes it easy to keep your party going with delicious snacks no matter what the occasion.

Simple Snacking with Cheese and Crackers
Alouette Cheese offers a wonderful variety of soft, spreadable cheeses that go oh-so perfectly with your favorite crackers for any occasion. If you are in the mood for simple snacking, you can enjoy one of the round 6.5-ounce tubs of soft spreadable cheese in flavors ranging from zesty to sweet, perfect as appetizers or even a subtle dessert type bite after your main meal concludes.

The Alouette tubs of soft spreadable cheese are available in a delightful range of flavors including the award winning Berries & Cream, limited edition Cheesecake, Spinach Artichoke, Sundried Tomato & Basil, Garlic & Herbs, and Pepper Medley, among others. I received a generous selection of these cheeses to taste and enjoy. I am a sucker for sweets and especially raspberries, but also enjoy a nice kick of garlic here and there.

These soft cheeses spread so nicely and evenly across your favorite crackers. As a helpful tip, be sure to choose a cracker that complements the signature flavors in each different variety of soft, spreadable cheese by Alouette. A buttery cracker goes nicely with the garlic and herbs while a neutral cracker on the sweeter side works well with dessert-style cheese. Don’t forget you can add toppers too, like fruit and berries to go with your cracker creations!

Elegant Entertaining Options with Alouette Cheese
If you are looking for more of a formal cheese display, look no further. Alouette offers a fine selection of brie, an ever-popular party staple. You can pair your brie with crackers, fruit, and nuts for the perfect bite-sized snack. I received a lovely selection to try, including Crème de Brie, Baby Brie, and Extra Creamy Brie, any of which would be a perfect complement to a Thanksgiving feast, Christmas dinner or brunch, or New Year’s party, not to mention wine nights, birthday gatherings, and showers. I am looking forward to enjoying the Extra Creamy Brie and double crème Baby Brie this weekend for New Year’s!

The Alouette brie products offer a fantastic creamy texture and a buttery taste that can’t be beat. I love the smooth flavor that works beautifully with different types of crackers, but pairs nicely with cranberries, walnuts, or a fruit and nut blend. Try the brie and crackers with wine and you might be surprised at how nicely they complement each other’s flavors. Alouette brie products make a great match for any day or evening of entertaining.

The Gourmet Spreadable Cheese Logs are another delicious way to enjoy your cheese and crackers. You can have mini appetizers made with Sundried Tomatoes & Garlic or Garlic & Herbs without going to any trouble at all beyond opening the packaging. These small cheese logs go a long way, giving your guests the option to enjoy as much or as little as they like. The cheese logs are packaged in a two-pack so the host or hostess can determine the right amount of cheese for the party. The flavorings and spices coating the outside of the cheese logs work beautifully with a nice variety of crackers and these cheese logs are so good you will keep coming back for more. I actually couldn’t decide which type was my favorite out of the two flavors of the gourmet spreadable logs. Maybe you will have better luck, but for now I am enjoying both!

Goat Cheese – A Gluten Free Option
Alouette has all their bases covered, offering those with Gluten allergies and Celiac’s Disease a nice option for snacking. I had never tried goat’s milk cheese until Alouette sent me a few varieties to try. At Thanksgiving, my uncle and I found it to be similar to cream cheese in texture and consistency. It still isn’t my favorite cheese of all, but I am more open to it and will consider baking with it in the future when I have time to experiment with new dishes.

Chavrie Goat’s Milk Cheese from the carton is very spreadable and works well as a salad topper while the traditional Chavrie Fresh Goat Cheese log can be used in a multitude of recipes. Consider swapping ricotta out for goat cheese in your next lasagna or consider a goat cheesecake. You can find countless recipes online if you are interested in trying goat cheese.


No matter what your special occasion or preferred time of day for snacking, the cheeses offered by Alouette will not disappoint. There are so many flavors and styles to try – just get a little creative with your snacking and find your favorite combination!

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