The Best Lingerie Styles for Your Body Type

To most women, lingerie is an important wardrobe item regardless of body types.  As a woman, you should always select the best lingerie styles for your body type with your partner in mind. Put on a sexy intimate undergarment to please your partner and spice up your love life. You can find a wide variety of best lingerie styles for each body type if you check your favorite lingerie store or catalogue. Different types of lingerie can help you accentuate your best parts while concealing those features that are not as flattering.

Always aim at wearing the best lingerie styles for your body type to please yourself and your partner. It is advisable to consult the lingerie experts who will advise you on the best styles of lingerie based on your own body type, whether slim, athletic, curvy, etc.

Wearing sexy lingerie styles is not new in the clothing industry. It was there even before Lady Gaga and the scantily dressed women of “Lady Marmalade.” Madonna and her villainous cone-shaped bra revived many sexy lingerie styles. The best lingerie styles for your body type can be found anywhere from a department store to an online shop. From high-end designers such as Zac Posen and Cynthia Rowley to shopping malls and local boutiques, corsets, bodysuits, and bras are just the beginning.

Today’ woman is no longer wearing heavy taut contraptions with laces and pulleys. They have now opted for the sexy lingerie styles that are silky and lacy. There are many online retailers that stock sexy styles that ensure women feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in what they put on, not what they take off. One of these is Sophia’s Closet. Modern technologies have caused a turn around of the lingerie industry over the recent past. The lingerie experts are today putting more emphasis on the quality of fabrics, laces, embroideries, and many bold colors.

No matter what your body type is – the Athletic Body, Petite Body, Tall Body, Full on Top, Small on Top, or the one with Curvy Hips – there is something for you from bras and bustiers to camisoles and corsets. The lingerie conscious women have more options on style, design, and fabric today more than ever before. 

Women should always aim at adding a little more romance to the ordinary day regardless of their body types. Lingerie is no longer reserved for special occasions. It is now available in most women’s daily wardrobes.

“Some women wear sexy lingerie under their everyday clothes to give themselves that extra boost of confidence” says Joyce of Sophia’s Closet. “Women are beginning to rediscover their femininity and sensuality through lingerie. The stigma that lingerie is scandalous and seedy has been lifted. Our collection of intimates offers women styles that are beautiful, elegant, and sexy all in one.” 

Sophia’s Closet offers a wide variety of the best lingerie styles designed for each body type. Their sexy lingerie styles range from baby dolls to teddies and beyond. They also have many other styles to flatter different body shapes and sizes. 

The following are recommended sexy lingerie styles that are definitely suitable for every body type.  There are the best lingerie styles for the athletic body, lingerie styles for tall women, lingerie styles for petite body , lingerie styles for Full on Top women, lingerie styles for Small on Top women, and also sexy lingerie styles for women with curvy hips. There sexy lingerie styles help conceal the body’s “flaws” and accentuate its features.

Best Lingerie for the Athletic Body Type
A woman who has an athletic body should go for the best lingerie for that body type. This toned and slender figure will look stunning in bustiers, halters, and camisoles that show off sculpted bodies and enhance the bust line. The woman athlete should also invest in a number of slim necklines and padded bras that help boost the bust.

The sexy lace shorts in these flirty lingerie styles normally add definition to curves and also accentuate a great butt for the athletic woman. There is a wide variety of sexy lingerie styles for this woman ranging from the Stretch Lace Tie Front Halter Bra Top and Matching Stretch Lace Short, to Stretch Lace Halter and Shorts with Fringe Hem and Jewel Accents, to Microfiber Camisole with Matching Boy Shorts with Contrast Ruffle Detail, to the Pinstripe Mesh Camisole with Gold Appliqués and Matching Shorts. All these are ideal lingerie styles for the athletic body.

Best Lingerie for the Petite Body Type, Tall Body, Full on Top…

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