More Things to Do on a Rainy Day – Ideas for Dates or Activities Indoors

Rainy days can completely destroy your mood and make you feel like there’s nothing to do. A rainy day takes away your chances of doing a lot of things outside, but it can also impact your plans for a special occasion like your birthday or your anniversary. If you are looking for something different and exciting to do on a rainy day, consider these suggestions.

Places to Go on a Rainy Day
If it’s raining outside, you can still have fun indoors. Find rainy day activities to try in your local area. Consider these ideas for places you can go to have fun on a rainy day:


1.    Drink – Visit a local winery or brewery.

2.    Play – Go to an arcade or an indoor fun zone with mini golf, laser tag, or other activities.

3.    Watch – See a movie at the theater.

4.    Learn – Check out a museum or other local indoor cultural attraction.

5.    Skate – Go ice skating or roller skating.

6.    Listen – Try to find a local concert or other indoor musical performance.

7.    Experience – Get tickets to a play, dinner theater, or comedy club.

8.    Cheer – Go see a game at a local hockey arena or check out a lacrosse team, arena football team, or indoor soccer team.

9.    Eat – Grab lunch, dinner, or dessert and drinks at your favorite nearby restaurant. A fifties diner or soda jerk type place could be a great fit for a rainy day.

10.    Sing – Try out your singing voice at a local karaoke bar or karaoke club.

11.    Dance – Check out a local dance club or night club.

12.    Shop – Hit up the mall to spend some of your rainy day cash.

13.    Observe – Go to a farmer’s market to shop or people watch.

14.    Discover – Take a class or workshop on crafts, cooking, wine tasting, photography, or something else you like.

15.    Compete – Challenge your friends or sweetheart to a game of bowling.

These are just a few ideas for places you can go to have a good time on a rainy day. All suggestions might not be appropriate for everyone. If you have other suggestions for something fun to do or somewhere cool to go on a rainy day, please share below in our comments.

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