Exercise for a New You – Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2

If you want a challenging workout that pushes you to your limits and gives your body results you never knew possible, consider this intense workout from Lalo Fuentes. Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2, is the second exercise program offered on DVD from the fitness guru who works out hard with you during each movement and each rep. Give your body a challenge with this workout video that combines strength training, cardio, and high-rep, multi-muscle toning moves.

I received a copy of Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 from Lalo Fuentes for the purpose of my review. I greatly enjoyed his original exercise program on DVD, Lalofit, and looked forward to trying out the next iteration. Volume 2 does not disappoint! His “freeze technique” reminds us to “take a second to connect” with our muscles rather than rushing through the moves. The workout lasts 55 minutes and features an onscreen timer and countdown for reps, ensuring your motivation and mental state carry you toward the end of each of the exercises. The last eight minutes are for cool-down and stretching, and you will be grateful when you realize you’ve reached this phase of the workout.

In terms of my workout challenges, my upper-body strength has always been lacking. I would rate the Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 workout as a serious intermediate to advanced level workout purely due to the complicated pushup variations. I always struggle with the push-ups in both of Lalo’s workouts, but I am happy to report that I’ve been successful enough to get to 15 – 20 true pushups before switching to the variation from the knees. Lalofit v2 features a few different pushup moves than you might expect, including spider pushups and elbow-knee pushups, full rotation pushups, and jump-squat pushups. I don’t particularly like pushups, but some of these moves aren’t as difficult as others. You can also vary your pushup position to start from the knees if you have difficulty completing the moves.

The other moves work different muscle groups and some of the moves even work your entire body. On the first day I did this workout, I had not been working out regularly leading up to my first trial. I found myself sore for two or three days following the Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 workout. Now, after a couple of months of working out four to six days a week, I am not experiencing any over-the-top soreness, but I do feel tighter and trimmer.

I’m a pretty busy person so I don’t always have as much time to exercise as I would like. I try to fit the 55-minute Lalofit v2 workout into my rotation about once a week. I alternate this intense exercise program with Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred and a series of 10-minute Pilates workouts. The Lalofit v2 program features six intervals and a warm-up and cool-down, with moves that work on just about every muscle in your body. Some key movements include various types of lunges, squats, pushups, jumping jacks, hops, plank, leg kicks and raises, and burpees, to name a few. I feel hardcore every time I get to the end of the Lalofit: The Freeze Technique, Volume 2 DVD.

The workout features a number of 30-second breaks, and you may find yourself looking forward to them. This workout is going to challenge you. You will sweat. You will look forward to the end of the workout, but in the end, you will lose weight and tighten your body. I have. If you have any health issues or concerns about your ability to complete an intense workout, be sure you speak with your doctor before getting started.

For more information about the Lalofit workouts, the freeze technique, or Lalo Fuentes, check out http://www.lalofitness.com. You can order the original Lalofit DVD or Lalofit v2 at Amazon.com or as an autographed copy for $14.95 at Lalo Fitness.


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