10 Ways to Help You Lose Weight in the New Year

Many people set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, improve their figure, and eat healthier. Some have very specific weight goals or shape goals. Others may have very vague goals related to weight loss and an overall healthier lifestyle. Consider these tips to help you lose weight and change your appearance in the New Year.

A number of different factors play into a person’s ability to lose weight. As you plan your target weight loss goals for the New Year, keep in mind that you may have to seriously change your diet as well as your exercise routine. You might consider a balanced plan involving a healthier diet with smaller portions, strength training, cardio, and drinking more water to keep your body hydrated. If you stay focused on your goal you should be able to see results within the first few weeks of trying to lose weight and improve your shape.

Consider these different ways you can work out to lose weight and reach your ideal body. Be sure to speak with your doctor prior to beginning any new exercise routine.

•    Yoga – Yoga for weight loss is a popular style of this peaceful exercise application. Consider trying a variety of yoga workouts to find one that works best for you. You can try short and long yoga videos or find a yoga class local to your area.

•    Pilates – Pilates is well known for trimming and toning your core but giving you a beautiful body overall. Stick with your Pilates workout as you work toward your fitness goals and take note of your improved balance and flexibility. Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates Kit offers a wonderful workout with her signature piece of equipment, the accelerator, which combines the best of hand weights, resistance bands, and bars to help your body get a workout like no other. I received this kit by Mari Winsor and found the workout to be just challenging enough, with lasting results I could feel the next day.

•    Running – Running is a great way to burn calories and get your body in shape. Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, so you can try to run on a treadmill if you can’t get outside for your running workouts. If you need to motivate yourself to stick to your running routine, consider picking out some new running clothes or running shoes to motivate you toward that finish line.

•    Strength Training – Weights and resistance bands can help you train your body and meet your fitness goals. Consider an excellent workout that combines strength training and cardio like the Lalofit workouts by Lalo Fuentes. You can also do a series of pushups, pull-ups, ab work, and other strength training exercises to help you reach your weight-loss goals.

•    P90X – The well-known P90X workout is a three-month regimen that allows exercisers to get lean, bulk up, or simply grow stronger with a variety of creative and diverse workouts and a highly effective nutrition plan.

•    Variety of Workout Videos – With a little research you can find the workout videos that work for you. Consider Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred for a motivational workout that keeps you moving until you’re done with three circuits that make the time fly. More than 2000 people have reviewed this workout video on Amazon with great remarks!

•    Belly Dancing – To tone and trim your middle, consider belly dancing as a fun way to shed some pounds and inches. You can also spice up your love life by learning some sexy moves to try at home. To get started, look for belly dancing classes near your home or check into instructional videos on belly dancing.

•    Ballet or Other Dance – Have you ever noticed how most dancers are in incredible shape? Try to find dance classes near your home or order some dance workout or instruction videos to try. You can also use the dance programs on video game systems like Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution to help you lose some unwanted weight.

•    Video System Workouts – If you haven’t already, check out Wii Fit and other similar video game systems that encourage a healthier lifestyle and help you lose weight in the comfort of your home. Who wouldn’t love to lose weight playing video games with friends? The Wii Fit and other game systems also make a great gift idea for your loved ones.

•    Swim – If traditional exercise isn’t your style, or if you simply need a low-impact option for working out, consider swimming. You can take a class or sign up for a membership with your local YMCA or gym and take advantage of their pool and water workouts. Just don’t forget a lovely new swimsuit!

If you are looking to lose a relatively large amount of weight, say, 10 pounds, in a short amount of time (less than a week), you might consider the Amazing Weightloss Plan – “Lose 10lbs in Just 4 Days.” This program gives you a healthy meal plan with real food that you can use for four days only and see results pretty much immediately. It’s not a fad diet or anything unconventional, and numerous customers have provided testimonials stating they’ve lost 7 to 10 pounds in only 4 days and kept them off. You can use this diet only once a month and then you must wait until a month passes before using it again. You can read more about the Amazing Weightloss Plan Lose 10lbs in 4 Days or purchase it for only $14.95.

Remember, not every exercise routine works for everyone. The same goes for diets. Everyone’s body responds differently to exercise and diet, so you may have to experiment with a few different exercise types to find the one that works best for you. Share your successes and questions in our comments!

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