Groundhog Day Nail Art Designs

Holiday nail art can be lots of fun, so why leave out Groundhog Day? The second day of February marks the time we find out how much longer we can expect the winter chill to last. Punxsutawney Phil, the popular groundhog from Pennsylvania, comes out of his home before many visitors to see if he sees his shadow. No matter if the groundhog sees his shadow or not, you can still prepare for this annual holiday and the seasons it brings with fun and festive Groundhog Day nail art.

To create your own groundhog nail art designs for February 2, gather the following materials and follow the steps below.


Materials for Groundhog Day Nail Art Designs
–    Desired nail polish base color
–    Clear topcoat
–    Brown nail polish
–    Light brown or tan nail polish
–    Black nail polish

Steps to Create Groundhog Nail Designs
To create furry groundhog nail designs for a fun Groundhog Day manicure, follow these steps:

1.    Paint two coats of nail polish in your desired background color.

2.    Once dry, paint a round oval with somewhat rough edges in brown for the groundhog’s body.

3.    For the head, paint a smaller bump at the top of the oval.

4.    Use tan or light brown nail polish to paint the groundhog’s paws.

5.    Use black nail polish to paint the claws.

6.    Also paint two dots for eyes on the groundhog’s head. Don’t forget to add a nose and a downward pointed mouth for your groundhog.

7.    Use the brown and tan nail polish colors and a thin brush or toothpick to paint some fur along the edges of the oval for the groundhog.

8.    Complete your design with a clear topcoat.

This is just one variation of a groundhog manicure that you can paint for Groundhog Day. You can also paint the groundhog with a man in a black top hat or with a sun or a snowflake in the background. Use your creativity to come up with a beautiful manicure that gives a fun and festive look for Groundhog Day.

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